Energy-saving decrease a platoon to help strength new-style industrialization
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The staff member is kiss only the clavier of computer, the automation system of a kind of DCS that be called ignited the diesel oil in the chamber of a stove or furnace! This will be on May 20 the reed oar that the reporter attends day of Inc. of course of study of reed of Xinjiang rich lake to produce 400 tons is alkaline reclaim the one act that ability revises a project to ignite formally see when moving ceremony. The reed starch that day produces 400 tons is alkaline reclaim ability changes a project to ignite Inc. of Bo Huwei course of study invests Xinjiang formally 1. 200 million yuan, day of mount a horse produces starch of 400 tons of reed alkaline reclaim since the project, had generated profit up to now 18 million yuan. Course of study of rich lake reed changed year of production at the beginning of making to make oar ability have many tons 30 thousand only 2000, and to 2005 company production makes oar ability already amounted to 110 thousand tons. Of productivity promote substantially also brought enormous pressure to environmental protection job. 2007 the beginning of the year, the day of mount a horse produces starch of 400 tons of reed alkaline reclaim ability revises a project, solved an environment to pollute a problem thoroughly. Current, china had 5 papermaking enterprise to build this category to look only. Day of course of study of rich lake reed produces starch of 400 tons of reed alkaline reclaim ability revises project project also is northwest papermaking industry the biggest alkaline reclaim project. Xu Lin of chief engineer of Inc. of course of study of reed of Xinjiang rich lake calculated brushstroke Zhang to the reporter: From now on, what can reclaim every year is alkaline can achieve 2. 680 thousand tons, if want to be bought from the market, need 26.8 million yuan, aeriform in the center save a large sum of fund. And use the boiler after transforming to be able to generate electricity every year 25 million degrees, generation vapour 26. 10 thousand tons, these two direct economic benefits that can arise every year exceed 10 million yuan. Although invest 1. 200 million yuan, but can call in 4 years entirely cost. Not only such, with photograph of the corresponding period was compared 2007, every produce course of study of rich lake reed institute of 1 ton of paper uses clear water to drop by 50 stere to 25 stere, produce the contaminant in using water to discharge content to reduce 50 % than in the past everyday; Papermaking reed oar is alkaline reclaim rate raise 90 % above by the 40 % in the past, reclaim with water new utilization rate amounts to 95 % ; Reclaim vapour is used at generating electricity, coal of red-letter day of a month 4000 tons... of company of Bo Huwei estate fall can reduce a new result, come from at the enterprise " treat corrupt energy-saving, carry fall character bad news " of measure carry out. Regard Xinjiang papermaking as course of study get army enterprise, course of study of rich lake reed is in fall the investment that can reduce a respect is with great quantity, 2007 the beginning of the year, course of study of rich lake reed is included national cleanness to produce the business of the papermaking that make a starch of demonstrative collaboration project. Company leader feels contaminative processing, energy-saving fall the bad news, pressing sex that expands circular economy and importance. The company held water energy-saving fall bad news office, strengthening industrialization dimensions while, the key is in oar of 400 tons of reed is alkaline reclaim ability revises a project, 30. Processing step is taken on project of processing of liquid waste of Cheng of go back to work of extensive of wet ground of 50 thousand mus of bulrush, middle. Ability of water of company executive division changes, strengthen the management that use water the effect is apparent. Carry out alkaline reclaim ability changes ability of water of section of project, pulse processor project, papermaking to change project, Bai Shui to reclaim use a project to wait for section water measure to amount to 50, make daily papermaking total water consumption drops by 3800 stere 2600 stere. Yu Xilu is used after industrial waste water is handled through pulse processor reed, irrigate reed of forest belt, artificial Yo. The waste residue that course of study of rich lake reed produces nowadays also sends went up use: The oar broken bits that makes an oar choose and papermaking answer expropriation at paper of sanitation for production, the slag that heat boiler produces sells brickyard and cement plant, waste gas is used at pulp catharsis through treating the hot water of generation...   is energy-saving the employment of reed of lake of more than rich that reduces a platoon to bring benefit for the enterprise, the reporter is in Shi He child finite liability company interviews the chemical industry of Xinjiang day estate of city to be able to be experienced everywhere energy-saving decrease a platoon perforative what produce at the enterprise is all, xinjiang day trade increased the economic benefits of the enterprise and social benefit through the energy-saving job that decrease a platoon. There is harm to do not have good only in a lot of person eyes " bacterium " in chemical industry of Xinjiang day estate finite liability company is energy-saving however decrease a platoon " example " . On May 19, chemical industry of Xinjiang day estate is finite Xie Xianwei of the member that liability company manufactures technical ministry environmental protection is seeing him raise through optical microscope " bacterium " , the bacterium that magnified below microscope red-blooded move about is worn, look in him these " bacterium " not only harmless and what can help a company is very busy. Chemical industry of Xinjiang day estate is finite the enterprise that liability company is system of the world's oldest manufacturing drip irrigation, in producing a course need uses water, produce foul water, the country is achieved to discharge a standard to be discharged through processing before. Water can be used circularly now, a company of day trade and Japan cooperates, education goes a kind to have special functionary " bacterium " , this kind of bacterium can eat off the harmful material in water quickly, more important is the water after passing through bacterial degradation can offer power plant of provide for oneself to be used circularly, one day can reduce nearly 3000 stere the use quantity of water, not only managing water natural resources, still protected an environment. Guo Qing of president of finite liability company's person says chemical industry of Xinjiang day estate, 2006, xinjiang day trade assumed ministry of national science and technology " 915 " science and technology supports a plan " chloric alkaline enterprise is efficient section water technology is compositive with set an example " project, this project content includes to do law acetylene to produce the Qing Dynasty on broken bits of technology, calcium carbide water of new technology of loop of fluid closed circuit, aggregate mother liquor reclaims use the technology of section water general character that waits for influence industry health to develop. The compositive application of these section water technologies, make device of 240 thousand tons of pvc realizes Xinjiang day trade every year section water above of 3 million stere. Xinjiang day trade uses calcium carbide law to produce polyvinyl chloride at present, there is the environmental protection issue that tail gas of chloric ethylene rectify arranges in this craft. 2004, xinjiang day trade builds go into operation the tail gas of chloric ethylene of pressure swing adsorption with domestic the largest at that time scale reclaims device. Adopt ceaseless research and development and practice, the waste gas or steam that chloric alkaline device built Xinjiang day trade to perfect uses a network integratedly, make more traditional chloric alkaline business improved the use efficiency of chloric resource 20 % , exhaust emission volume dropped 30 % . Guo celebrates a person to tell a reporter, the energy-saving job that decrease a platoon is done weller, the calcium carbide of Xinjiang day trade -- chloric alkaline -- polyvinyl chloride colophony -- the industrial catenary competition ability of section water equipment can be jumped over strong.

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