Fast give birth to high yield forest, industry raw material forest is directiona
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Project of domain of agriculture of the plan of national science and technology that prop up fast give birth to high yield forest, industry raw material forest is directional breed a technology to obtain significant progress, lead to raise a forest to enclothe, solve lumber supply deficiency, assisted zoology construction to lay a foundation. Seed selection the admirable sheet that large quantities of one trees using material such as masson pine of fat of ash, paulownia, fir, high yield plant is individual plant, clone, genealogical, built warehouse of garden of the garden that collect spic, seed, gene, include fast unripe model fir is admirable clone 15, be able to bear or endure barren fir is admirable clone 3, actor of fat of masson pine high yield cultivates clone 78, make fir and masson pine fast yield of lumber of area of labour forest unit rises Lin Ren of unripe high yield 15% , in-house yield achieves 15% above; Began ash, round flower, fir the group of admirable breed earths up technical research, solved fir group to earth up appreciation fold the technical difficult problem with rooted low, low rate, for fast construction of Cheng of Lin Gong of unripe high yield offerred foundation of material of thoroughbred Zhuang Miao and technology to prop up. According to the principle that edge research, edge extends, manufacturing fir, ash, round beautiful thoroughbred nursery stock 6.5 million individual plant, set an example cultivate 50 thousand mus, produce direct economic benefits 3.9 million yuan; Developed the old way material such as pine of ash, poplar, paulownia, northeast china ash, Bai Hua, masson pine, fallen leaves fast unripe high yield controls adjusting control of technology, density bristlily technology, best the intensive such as fat adjusting control of technology of round of cut down period, water helps advance somebody's career the crucial technology research such as the technology, improved our country fast the technical innovation ability of Lin Peiyo of unripe high yield, preliminary built those who accord with modern market demand fast system of technology of Lin Peiyo of unripe high yield. Studied in system of region of new introduce a fine variety of deciduous leaf pine first young, middle forest fertilization, soil preparation, cradle reach establish density breeds a technology first, put forward north semi-tropical with area of the high mountain in the south temperate zone short commercial forest of round of pulp of cut down period help advance somebody's career measure of form a complete set. Had built fast give birth to demonstrative base of high yield forest more than mus 10 thousand, compose was built fast platform of innovation of science and technology of Cheng of Lin Gong of unripe high yield, to increase gross of natural resources of our country forest, improve quality of silvan natural resources, develop silvan zoology function, environment of zoology of stimulative our country is built made contribution. Material of fir old way breeds technical application to arrive in task of 100 thousand mus of newer afforestation, average rate of growth 15% , annual lumber of net increase production 15 thousand stere, year economic benefits can amount to 7.5 million yuan, this is imported to reducing lumber, the structural sex that solves supply of our country wood is contradictory, stimulative our country is natural forest the construction that protects a project also has far-reaching sense with executive respect. Built Chinese pistache, shiny leafed yellowhorn, locust, willow to wait for forest of the sources of energy experiment forest 530 mus, demonstrative base 2650 mus, chose Chinese pistache admirable sheet individual plant 954 individual plant, shiny leafed yellowhorn is admirable only individual plant 180 individual plant, from cultivate density, water fertilizer management, cut year, annulus the respect system such as cut down period developed the sources of energy Lin Gao effect breeds a technology to consider, via determining willow the sources of energy forest afforestation survival rate amounts to 95% above. Build the name such as almond, walnut, big jujube, Chinese chestnut, tea-oil tree actors or actress economic forest sets an example especially garden and without experiment of social effects of pollution forest 6570 mus, began character of biology of character of be fertilized of pollination of almond, Ren Yongxing, reproduction to consider, solved a fruit to lead low, crop low, result is not stable wait for manufacturing problem. our country north walnut cent helps advance somebody's career for 4 area, made intensive of walnut of arid and upland area change help advance somebody's career technical regulations occupation standard, check and accept at carrying a state 2007. Began high grade Chinese chestnut to help advance somebody's career without standardization of social effects of pollution technical research, root of bacterium of anvil of seedling of Chinese chestnut bud changes survival rate of afforestation of monsoon of container engraft seedling to achieve 100% . Finished compose of library of tea-oil tree EST to build the research that reachs clone of important gene depart, depart from which appraisal 248 kinds of gene, preliminary explore understands mechanism of element of complex of tea-oil tree grease, use technology of grow seedlings of anvil of seedling of bud of nutrient earthen bowl, shortened grow seedlings is periodic, and afforestation survival rate achieves 95% above. The name actors or actress economic forest experiments especially demonstrative base in all increase production almond and Ren Yongxing 86.3 tons, walnut 58.7 tons, big jujube 152.56 tons, chinese chestnut 55.4 tons, tea-seed oil 78.77 tons, increase direct economic benefits nine million six hundred and twenty-five thousand six hundred yuan. Build happy tree, ginkgo, imprint base of breed of Lin Caisui garden, nursery stock mixes the raw material of special type industry such as fir of Lian, hot wood, ormosia, the bark of eucommia the experiment sets an example forest 3430 mus, began nursery stock of thoroughbred breeding, clone research of fast numerous technology, for raw material forest construction was offerred high grade kind of seedling.

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