Each country " Cai Lun " assemble in the family is big
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On May 14 morning, papermaking of the 2nd international and environmental learning conference open at university of Tianjin science and technology. Nearly 200 delegates that come from the 10 many countries such as the United States, Canada, Finnish, Australia, Brazil, Japan, Korea attended the meeting. Current mass rally makes oar papermaking key laboratory sponsor by university of Tianjin science and technology, aim to be strengthened further with the academic communication between world papermaking developed country and collaboration, of stimulative industry group take an active part in, increase a college to wait for the strength of the respect in talent education and collaboration of scientific research project. On the opening ceremony, american north blocks a city to establish an university to teach Martin A. Hubbe was made " the environment in reducing papermaking process is affected " thematic report, pulled open from the back the heavy curtain that learning of 16 high levels reports. It is reported, this second congress receives transcribe oar papermaking to reach its in all the paper of relevant domain 262. On this grand meeting, scholar of expert of domain of each country papermaking assembles in, discuss the science and technology inside domain of forward position of international of the papermaking that make a starch to develop trends jointly, undertake international learning of Gao Shuiping communicates, with period the scientific research that promotes papermaking and environmental domain further and industry grow. Main topic for discussion includes to make problem of environment of oar papermaking industry, contaminant processing and use technology of paper of chemistry of fiber of new technology, plant, special type to wait for 8 topical.

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