Chemistry of sun of Du Banglian hand is about to initiate soft edition to pressw
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A few days ago, du Bang packs systematic branch (sun of DuPont Packaging Graphics) is chemical (Sun Chemical announces to begin collaboration. These two banner in the industry suppliers, will obtain sun chemistry patent WetFlex is wet soft imprint technology and printing ink of solidify of UniQure electron beam, be united in wedlock with photograph of technology of Sai Li Cyrel FAST, two companies hope concentrated force is measured, in quality and environmental protection respect, create new model of black-and-white of a soft edition jointly. The key of this collaboration, it is to seek presswork WetFlex sensitive colophony edition combines technology and Dubangsaili better, offerring for the market presswork unprecedentedly quality while, also offer a kind to do not have what solvent volatilizes to presswork for the market means, promote what presswork and pack to be able to develop continuously thereby. The group of research and development that comes from two enterprises will work in coordination together, the union that how can just surpass edition of beautiful sensitization colophony and WetFlex technology in order to decide achieves groove. The Cyrel FAST in series of sensitive colophony edition is in Dubangsaili picture quality and be able to bear or endure imprint rate respect wants capable person of edition of the form of a drug of excel Sai Lirong. The union of WetFlex craft and Cyrel FAST, brought up the soft edition presswork with highest heretofore to pledge. Dubang and sun chemistry all pay close attention to presswork the innovation of the domain, but the product that offers a client however widely different, " manager of business of whole world of the Du Bang image that pack Ms. Dijiate (Lisa DiGate) says. "We are very glad to can cooperate cheek by jowl, drive jointly at present soft edition pressworks technical development, promote soft edition to presswork pledges and manufacture efficiency, make contribution to protect an environment at the same time. " Du Bang's Cyrel FAST is the first need not the soft impression of solvent develop piles up edition material, it offerred a specific power consumption for the market lower and the system that can reduce greenhouse gas to discharge, in the meantime, material of this kind of edition also reduced the dissolvent in litter. What production of this kind of fast plate making of plate making system needs time shorter, because cancelled to rinse with dry process, so time of whole plate making does not exceed a hour. With Du Bang the company works together, optimize WetFlex to presswork thereby the final result of craft, conduce to contented world be opposite the demand of the packing product of high quality, high appeal, elevate soft edition black-and-white the status, " Peidifuer of the president of sun chemistry North America that pack (Mr Richard Pettifor) says. "Two companies that have creativity most on the market that pack carry handiwork to make, will be soft imprint craft brings more the integral solution of environmental protection, we can solve the difficult problem between quality and environmental protection, want to know, the stability of quality and acme are changed, it is those brand enterprises presswork to theirs the demand with service persistent supplier. " presswork in WetFlex what apply in craft is the UniQure printing ink that wins patent, it is printing ink of a kind of ability in swimming, use technology of electron beam solidify. In versatility, comfortable imprint gender and presswork the respect such as speed, the expression of UniQure printing ink and printing ink of dissolve the form of a drug do not have distinction, but it does not have solvent however discharge. After using WetFlex technology, presswork the enterprise need not be in of the VOC that monitor discharge, always also need not pay close attention to viscosity, dissolvent to volatilize again with the degree of saturation with reductive site, technology of electron beam solidify is in the dominant position of these respects is very prominent. UniQure printing ink is a kind of odour the printing ink system with small, expensive function, can undertake wet overprint, it makes the colour degree of saturation of presswork taller, OK even with sunken imprint dress.

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