Big Japan pressworks to send be sent on a diplomatic mission to use very hot imp
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Big Japan pressworks use a book to wait those who use is very hot imprint technology, the UHF frequency band that development went to form aerial directly on paper is wireless label. In the production that makes sheet in the paper such as book, bill, can iron wireless label directly imprint on its. Need not before the filmy data that wireless label uses, still can treatment of leave out label and stickup working procedure. With before will wireless label is stickup the means photograph to presswork is compared, finished cost can reduce about 30 % . Very hot imprint technology, be imprint through ironing the skill that tinsel emphasizes brightness and originality effect. What this technology is used at the book commonly is bound with commodity pack etc. Use this very hot imprint processing technique, development went to be base material with paper, the UHF frequency band with superior performance is wireless label. In IC chip and antenna stick receive a respect, do not use average joint data, use distinctive method however, realized firm joint strength. This company will from May 2008 the bottom begins to offer evaluation to use sample. The function index that shares the person that use with sample end item and cost information. The plan finishs technical test and verify inside 8 years. Strive quantity of 2010 year implementation is produced. Big Japan pressworks in May 2008 14 ~ have 16 days in Tokyo bright the international exhibition center holds " EXPO of solution of the 3rd RFID " on the product that exhibited to be developed this.

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