Pack " thin body " extremely urgent packs litter year throw 280 billion
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Data shows, in the rubbish of 200 million tons of life that our country produces every year, have 40 million tons of packing, having a lot of among them is excessive pack, and pack litter every year to throw away for nothing only 280 billion yuan. What do 280 billion yuan mean? Follow the total investment related Beijing Olympic Games 7 years directly equally at preparing. According to statistic, sheet is Beijing in nearly 3 million tons of rubbish that arises every year, the packing of all sorts of commodity makes an appointment with 830 thousand tons, among them 600 thousand tons are belonged to but managing excessive packing. The expert expresses, the purpose that commodity packs is commodity of protection, beautification, increase the market competition ability of commodity, but excessive pack wasteful resource, aggravate environment is polluted, also harm the interest of consumer, abet the unhealthy tendency of consumption of costly waste, deformation, and apparently with advocate managing model the concept such as environmental protection of society and circular economy, support fails to meet each other. Accordingly, to excessive pack, the country ought to insist to say through legislative measure " not " . As we have learned, european Union, United States, Japan, Korea and and other places of area of our country Taiwan have similar code and level, opposite is spent pack give limitation. Our country is at present excessive without special limitation still the legal laws and regulations that pack, be in only " clean production promotes a doctrine " the 20th the 2nd have a principle regulation in the paragraph: "The enterprise ought to undertake to the product reasonable pack, reduce the generation of the overspend of the material that pack and trash of the sex that pack. " at the same time, it is in draft of circular economy standard reclaim with decreasing to resource is used up and facilitate use two respects to make principle provision, also spend without opposite pack this one specific item to make very meticulous provision. The fact proves, moon cake is luxurious pack disappear from the scene profit from of a series of regulations come on stage. Total bureau of national qualitative check and national level appoint rose early to be carried out on June 1, 2006 " moon cake is mandatory national level " , limitative moon cake is excessive pack. This year on August 15, the country develops and the 5 branches such as reform committee are released jointly " the announcement that packs environment of resource conservation, protection about farther normative moon cake " . The excessive problem that pack enters moon cake after the eye shot of legal standard, compressed the space that costly moon cake lives, other the commodity that going costly to pack a course as before is same urgently standard. Because of this, recently, total bureau of national qualitative check is held " limitative commodity is excessive the byelaw that pack (draft) " legislative hearing, about commodity excessive the problem that pack after many drift along, achieved the breakthrough of materiality eventually. In hearing of witnesses, around " the space that pack is led " , " the number of plies that pack " , " the cost that pack " , " legal responsibility " wait for a problem, representing spread out intense discussion. Among them, "3 numbers " dispute is the biggest, it is respectively, "Commodity packs interstitial rate to must not be more than 55 % " ; "Divide initiative outside packing, the commodity number of plies that pack does not get 3 over " ; "Except the initiative cost that pack, the 15 % that commodity packs cost to must not exceed commodity sale price " . To resembling the country with such our country in short supply resource, wait to still need an import with the lumber that will pack, paper and raw material of a few metals, the resource with valuable so much is used in " excessive pack " on honest regrettablly, go against the construction of economy of our country loop. Accordingly, to excessive the company action that pack, government ought to strict legislation has a standard. Current, people is right " limitative commodity is excessive the byelaw that pack " be full of expect, hope this " commodity thin body " the law meets with the public at an early date.

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