The European Union opens up endowment environmental protection of millions euro
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The European Union will invest 6.5 million euro for a project (5.2 million pound) , this project is about to develop with accept rice technology environmental protection and but second birth packages data. This project calls SustainComp, in the plan that shared 17 Europe organization to participate in this last a period of time 4 years, include France to pack live thing of SCA of group of trade of paper of group Alcan, Sweden, Italy among them Novamont and other and chemical company reach plastic production business association, STFI-Packforsk academy will serve as Sweden to always be coordinated square. All participation just will invest capital of many research and development, budgetary tot 9.5 million euro. This plan aims to develop composite material of biology of woodiness of rice of accept of environmental protection sex to pack and carry a trade in order to replace oily product. The manager of this plan and as a whole Ankefusi says person Michael · : "The target of this plan is dimensions tries in making the application of composite material achieves accept rice. We believe this target ends to be able to come true possibly in the plan. " Ya Jidela says the Li of Cecil of manager of strategic program department of     Novamont company the project develops what promote synthetic product finally, be helpful for biology but the sale of degradation and woodiness product and wide application. As we have learned, of this plan each are held in Swedish Stockholm at the beginning of September first the conference, whole group will undertake after this development is coordinated and consult.

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