Box of ceremony of Beijing moon cake packs charge to amount to 2 billion yuan of
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A the Mid-autumn Festival, the box of moon cake ceremony on Beijing field packs charge to amount to 2 billion yuan. And eat moon cake, the citizen can desertion moon cake box more or sell when reject. The author packs association know from international food yesterday, the packing box such as these paper quality, woodiness will is in charge of reclaiming by manufacturer henceforth, reclaim short of standard, be cancelled to produce aptitude likely. Current, before domestic company pays attention to a product to make work more, pack, only minority enterprise reclaims to reach the designated position quite after carry out. This year after the Mid-autumn Festival, home Hua Runmo rolled out moon cake box to trade activity of environmental protection shopping bag, consumer uses two carton or iron box can be changed in customer service ministry get shopping bag of an environmental protection. Yesterday, the author sells an information desk to see in this, in succession around dweller comes round to change. International food packs association vice-chairman to hold secretary-general Dong Jinshi concurrently to introduce yesterday, our country is being drafted " packing reclaims use administrative method " , the plastic container, paper quality container, chipboard that pack pack ambitious make a gender reclaim, product production company can set a dot to reclaim, reclaim through agency, still can entrust major to reclaim the company is in charge of reclaiming. Dong Jinshi emphasizes, build special channel to reclaim, can assure to pack after reclaiming, be not polluted by 2. "If the product is packed,reclaim rate short of is corresponding standard, manufacturing company can be done business by revoke likely charter. " as we have learned, this government measure will come on stage in the end of the year. Pack reclaim to manage technically, have environmental protection sense already, also have direct economic benefits. An environmentalist calculated brushstroke Zhang roughly, beijing should use up 100 million moon cake at least this year, 120 yuan of general ceremony box moon cake of the left and right sides are compared on market, consumer should draw out 20 yuan of money for outer packing at least. Calculate come down, a the Mid-autumn Festival, the box of moon cake ceremony on Beijing field packs charge to amount to 2 billion yuan. Because do not have,reclaim technically channel, the wasteful number that commodity packages makes a person stare. According to statistic, our country packed production value to amount to 600 billion yuan last year, among them 300 billion yuan of cost that pack are wasted.

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