11 thousand employee is faced with the European domain that pack unemployed
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According to presswork Suo Er of Mu of thunder of general of trade research organization (Plimsoll) view, next year, carry the state of conform to to allow cost and sale, domain of the material that pack is faced with the personnel that has station of 11 thousand many works unemployed menace. Plimsoll discovery, in 1000 companies that survey in this company, the company that has 75% states in future 12 the middle of a month may cut down the member of persons employed, additionally more than 250 enterprises are managed at present be in deficit condition. It is reported, the labor productivity of every employee in battalion of already of look forward to should reach 133 thousand pound at least, company ability has competition ability. Because this has the enterprise of 1/5 to think to take the operation that adjusts ability him safeguard substantially only, the operation structure that at the same time 340 enterprises express to need to adjust his. Investigate discovery, the company operation in order of 45% , and the business that they may take over the competitor with weaker actual strength. Plimsoll senior analyst defends · greatly the group is special dark (David Pattison) say: "To any enterprises, cutting down the member of persons employed is the bad news of a clearly, but before the life and death that is in an enterprise, must make such decision occasionally. And the shrink that what bring from this is enterprise dimensions. "

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