Enterprise delegate objects commodity packing cost to must not exceed price 15%
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9 days afternoon, " limitative commodity is excessive the byelaw that pack " legislative hearing is held in qualitative check total bureau, shared 27 delegates that come from each estate such as guild, enterprise to participate in hearing of witnesses. The reporter notices in the spot, the goods that byelaw offers packs interstitial rate to must not be more than 55% , commodity packs cost to must not exceed commodity sale price 15% wait for two technologies parameter, the doubt that becomes all enterprise delegate " focus " . According to the country code of qualitative check total bureau manages director Liu Zhaobin introduces, collecting an opinion at present " byelaw " in all 7 chapters 44, have in union mandatory on the foundation of national level, the key counterpoises to section material and dimension two respects made a demand. Basically include among them: The material that pack should be used character onefold or facilitating depart and the capable person that fits commodity character and character is qualitative; The space that pack is led to do not exceed 55% ; The number of plies that pack does not exceed 3; The cost that pack must not exceed commodity sale price 15% wait. Nevertheless, on hearing of 9 days, " byelaw " oppugn and object what sufferred to interstitial rate and the requirement of the cost that pack the enterprise is represented. "Low commodity and costly commodity cannot ' one knife is cut ' , than consistent box 25 yuan moon cake, according to the regulation the cost that pack can be controlled only in 3.75 yuan the following, but this is impossible, then we can raise sale price only, still go against the rights and interests that protects consumer so. " pool of vise general manager of limited company of food of Beijing paddy sweet village expresses eastwards. And the regulation that must not exceed 55% to interstitial rate, enterprise delegate expresses in succession, the abhorrent sex of commodity, decided what ask to packing is different, of a lot of commodity pack should rise to protect action in carriage process, exceed 55% very likely so. Returning those who make an enterprise anxious is, the course of study of home that pack has certain difference with abroad originally, of byelaw come on stage likely more the development of the block trade that pack. Liu Zhaobin expresses, excessive pack waste resource not only, aggravate environment is polluted, also harmed consumer interest, there are relevant code, law and standard opposite to spend in abroad pack undertake limitative, and our country is excessive without special limitation still the legal laws and regulations that pack, of byelaw come on stage to be able to promote health of the industry that pack, orderly, fairly development only, absolutely won't enterprise scalp. "We hope " byelaw " can draft code of technology of ministry of our country head. " Liu Zhaobin discloses, " byelaw " need is approved through the State Council, publish time specificly accordingly bad to say, the hope can come on stage in the end of the year.

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