The development characteristic of market of domestic and international flexible
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At present our country, with Jiangsu, it is without stannum, Changzhou exemple, the foreign trader that already sanctioned without stannum, Changzhou is solely invested, joint-stock of initiate pack presswork the enterprise already exceeded 120, register capital to already was amounted to 600 million multivariate. Impetus of this one development asks we must take the printer that pack seriously the development of course of study, the 4 big pillar of the modern industry that pack, in paper, plastic, glass, metal, growth of paper products, plastic flexible package is the rapiddest. 1. Develop paper radical to pack presswork key to develop carton of the high-grade paper box that low gram quantifies heavy, high strenth, gently, fold energetically, change to gift, color changes direction to develop. It is the paper products that gives priority to with fold carton is packed above all will have larger development space, it is multilayer next application of chipboard composite material is wider and wider. Because the user is right the quality of paper products and performance demand are higher and higher, bring about multilayer the dosage of material has the tendency that increases further. If use 2 ~ wine box and food box mostly,board of 3 compound paper expects, what be base material with paper is multilayer material (4 ~ 7) , in cut off the paper with sexual higher demand is packed (like beverage carton) the domain will receive wider and wider application. 2. Develop paper model to pack energetically paper and plastic it is the printer that pack two kinds of the most extensive data are used in course of study, will coexist for a long time. In food, medicine (business of our country pharmacy has many 6000, year sale amounts to 120 billion yuan) , health care is tasted, a lot of domains such as things of milk products, cosmetic, catharsis, plastic flexible package is acting more and more important role. Current, the evolution of the plastic product that pack appears the world the following characteristic: New-style polyester is packed have development outlook more; New-style degradation is plastic be paid close attention to; 0 pollution get foamed plastics take seriously. Home is plastic the development that pack has the following sides mainly: Improve protective performance, those who prolong shelf life is tall cut off the material that pack, be like tall cut off the development application that presses compound film in all; The film of the asepsis material that pack, sex that fight bacterium that pack, anti-radiant the development of the film that pack and application: Apply to electromagnetism kitchen, microwave oven to heat the gender packages data; The packing material that applies to the produce such as commissariat to store can accuse to enrage tone to pack; Electromagnetism screen uses compound film to wait; Web and odd piece of paper is sunken imprint product, according to the market need will have greater progress. 3. Green of free from contamination is packed more and more be taken seriously by the society at present, of our country pack presswork enterprise forward healthy and orderly way develops. There is 20%-30% consumable about on today's American market is with flexible package the form appears. Prompt the factor that share of flexible package market enlarges ceaselessly, it is a shape structure block what the advanced sex that judges performance and economy pledge high is soft imprint the effect. Among them, flexible package pressworks in brand market share is huge, this market metal and terrarium are packed in give place to ceaselessly the flexible package material such as PET and other rigid plastics. Prospective 2-3 year, station vertical pouch is packed will be the market that flexible package industry has energy most. The United States pressworks the bound already pressworked flexographic plate the first selection that serves as flexible package, because be in,choosing flexographic plate to presswork is medium or small imprint in the quantity, total expenditure is less than form of intaglio printing. The element that drive flexible package develops basically has the following: Compound film packs the aluminous model of food, cosmetic and medicines and chemical reagents to already made a kind of trend; Medicines and chemical reagents is one-time use the growth that pack; Consumer is convenient to family expenses food demand rises increasingly. American businessman is bought to attract potential customer same kind of product, can take the different form that pack. For instance tuna, dry cereal has aluminium to make, fold carton, flexographic plate is packed wait for a variety of forms, presswork so measure opposite decrescent, make flexographic plate more recipient than form of intaglio printing.

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