Chinese book industry pressworks cost rises affect England publishs course of st
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Chinese book industry pressworks cost rises the influence affects England publishs course of study, the publication need of new selection of subject of mainland of a lot of England defers as a result to cancel even, and gift, insert draw kind of publisher to be faced with inflict heavy losses on. It is reported, england a lot of books, especially the printer of gift books is made is finished in China, chinese paper price rises to presswork in China the British publisher of books brings pressure of very big cost. Because China pressworks,the rise of cost causes England presswork the factory also suffers affect. Rise as Chinese paper value, british publisher and books shopkeeper must are faced with cut a product, publish after delaying, books price rises wait for a problem. Books of children of bookshop of British water stone purchases Si Jipu of · of Shang Kai spy to say: "We see the books of ceremony category selection of subject fixes a price to rising, actually a lot of good selection of subject need to publish, we hope publisher does not want leakage to drop those selection of subject, but selection of subject of a few weak force may be published no longer. What we care at present is which phyletic and other books the price won't rise. " British Ao Sipeng publishs a company to sell department head Kelisiting Heruisen to express, in view of labor cost, presswork and cost of material is rising, must face the problem that books price rises. "We will must mix presswork the factory continues to negotiate, in order to make sure we can undertake according to original publication plan. " Kelisiting Heruisen says. Youlanda Danny of head of department of product of press of British small tiger thinks, presswork the price normally a few months won't change, but showing shortly to make is overprint need to presswork in introversion of a few weeks the factory asks for new quoted price. "To our salesperson, let them go down to sell books in the condition that how much to know to cost can rise, this simply too mysterious. " Youlanda Danny says. According to the report, presswork as China the addition of cost, at present more and more presses are in England to deliver choice view to the other country such as Thailand, Indonesian, Korea presswork factory.

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