Plastic bottle packs paper of will comprehensive get victory to pack the market
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Forecast according to the expert, press use weight computation, plastic 2008 the application that packing a respect will be occupied 50% , to plastic 2008 year of increase rate that pack will maintain in 3.1% the left and right sides. Plastic pack will gradually embezzlement paper makes market of the data that pack, hold larger market share. Because pack photograph comparing with paper,this is, plastic bag contains clear advantage. Additional, people income rises and of standard of living rise, to plastic the diversification development that pack offerred opportunity. Food paper: Plastic those who pack is main replace a domain to be forecasted according to   , the development on the market is the rapiddest is egg of drink of pet food, fruit, birds kind, candy and bake the food that bake. Compare with other beverage photograph, plastic bottle suckles little weight to pack with Yu Niu, the development that replaces carton to pack is more driving and more competitive. In addition, the further progress of the technology that pack, be like the application of fast packer, reduced the cost that pack not only, also added variety of design and color, these were accelerated plastic the development that pack, especially the growth that pet food packs. From healthy element consideration, good model container, like plastic bottle, cup, dish exceed soft model to pack with tubal growth, of these breed pack basically use at refrigerant food, bake the food that bake. Although food paper is strong at present, also will be replaced by plastic part stage by stage. Henceforth 5 years, what paper packs is emulative with profit margin will smaller and smaller, dosage and demand also show downtrend. Paper is packed with plastic pack quite, it is certain to feed moral course of study to still have only emulative, because consider healthy factor, stimulated paper to pack the use in one-time domain, like bucket of chipboard box, paper, pack wait with paper and bag. Accordingly, paper is packed in by plastic replace a field, drop a few slower than other utility. Paper has breathing function, benefit at environmental protection, to food the bag contains advantage, still will continue to hold the market that pack, especially corrugated box is used very general. Paper bag and carry and retail the photograph that pack is compared, by plastic substitutional rate wants a few slower, the market is current already saturated, the plastic hopeful that pack develops should be to carry mix with tun ton of bagging respect. Anyhow, in 20 years of in the past, paper is packed by plastic pack replace, and small-sized paper bag because the stability of non-staple food market and supermarket carry bag of market to develop health, will still keep small a growth. Tall cut off function: Plastic pack a magic weapon that takes banner chance to develop at the market by   already hasten is mature, further growth will be restricted. But tall cut off sexual material will conduce to plastic pack rapid development. High-pressured polyethylene film is to be used at packing the pork kind, rasorial kind of main and plastic film with seafood. It is polyvinyl chloride and nylon next. Plastic of the film that pack tall cut off function, fight expose the characteristic of gender, block oxygen sex and adhere sex, low cost, decided its pack the pork kind, rasorial kind with seafood cannot replace a gender. Considering healthy element, seafood product consumes the amplification of the market, also provided enough development space to plastic flexible package. Semi-manufactured goods flesh kind the direction that the market is flexible package development, optional choose establishs the machining center that pack in an area, carry countrywide supermarket and other and retail point next. Cent of so OK and economic supermarket cuts cost and truckage to use, carry the flesh for a long time kind fresh degree. The flesh kind the plastic pan of heal of useful plastic film, bag mixes the means that pack vacuum skin package. Wo Erma carried out this one form pack, make this plant new-style pack great progress. Semi-manufactured goods flesh kind the development trend that pack will be " bleed " the form that pack. This kind of bag is comprised of two plastic film, outer it is tall cut off sexual film, designing a purpose is keep apart oxygen, lest content content is cankered degenerative; Lining is to be able to breathe film, make food can continue to breathe, keep fresh degree.

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