Kunming international pressworks the city that pack leaves build
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The break earth of 9 enterprises is indicating Kunming international pressworks the city that pack leaves formally build. As we have learned, kunming international pressworks 9 businesses that first start working builds the wall that pack include power of Yunnan medium cloud abstruse pack presswork 9 enterprises such as Electromechanical of Yun Rui of factory of strong carton of country of limited company, Kunming, Yunnan, cover an area of a face to accumulate 232 mus, predict to invest 530 million yuan, the annual produce after building can amount to 1.413 billion yuan. Yun Li abstruse pack presswork limited company invests 200 million yuan, production value can amount to 400 million yuan. And the limited company of beverage of power be an official that pack invests 25 million yuan, production value can amount to 30 million yuan, this company by this year can put into production. Presswork the city that pack is located in big board bridge town develops a village on the west, predict total investment amounts to 8 billion yuan of RMBs. Kunming international pressworks cent of the city that pack brushs industrial division, newspaper to presswork to show allograph to transcribe division of industrial division, the modern estate that pack, high grade pressworks center of research and development, presswork museum, presswork technical institute and modern other people shed a division 7 much, it is the main component that Kunming builds airport economy division. Arrive at present, already 30 enterprises enter garden certainly, first having construction of 9 companies go into operation.

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