Du Bang packs video career ministry to release a product to rise in price announ
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On August 18, du Bang packs video branch (DuPont Packaging Graphics) announce, the product below this company division will rise to rise in price in the round inside global limits from September 15, top range is 10% . Different area will publish specific details different program. The product that rises in price this includes soft printing plate the material, printing ink, material that print and a few otherer raw material. Because come from petrolic all sorts of raw material, the sources of energy, transport costs and the crucial material that make soft forme material -- thermoplastic balata rises continuously, brought about company of this Du Bang to rise in price of policy come on stage. Besides the element that raw material cost rises, need to be thrown ceaselessly in innovation respect, also be the matter that makes Du Bang company rise in price. To this second rise in price, the high level of Du Bang company also made an explanation, but content does not have what new idea.

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