Guangzhou epispastic messtin year use up even more 1 million
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9 years ago, national classics trade appoint one paper ban, ask messtin of one-time foamed plastics stops before 21 centuries production and current. After 9 years, estimation of year of wastage classics expert of messtin of one-time foamed plastics what still had achieved 1 million is gigantic. In 9 years, an environmental sanitation expert of Guangzhou is in those who be messtin of one-time foamed plastics to reclaim all the time recycle runs, persuade Guangzhou city and even delegate of countrywide National People's Congress to take the place of in the person for this for many times the to table a proposal on the meeting, but up to now effect is very small. Be messtin of one-time foamed plastics reclaim the expert that recycle runs is called Lv Chunyuan, it is institute of sanitation of Guangzhou city environment science of environment of senior engineer, China learns green to pack vice director of branch committee of experts, already retired now. Save the month on Sun Qingji of prices bureau director to divulge, guangdong is leaving in exploration ask for one-time plastic messtin to reclaim processing fee, this let Lv Chun Yuanran have a hope again. "Messtin of one-time foamed plastics is used blocking up cannot be treated, local government should reclaim in the organization go up to serve as somewhat. " Lv Chunyuan says to the reporter. One-time plastic tableware is not decreased add what will begin on June 1 from this year to be restricted instead model makes, effect is distinct be obvious to all, carrying hop-pocket to ramble the citizen of the supermarket is increasing also. But be afraid without how many Guangzhou the citizen knows, another kind of common and plastic product -- white is one-time foamed plastics messtin, it is early actually before this century should by " eliminate " . In January 1999, via approval of the State Council, national classics trade appoint released " the catalog that washs out backward productivity, craft and product " , common says " 6 order " . In this one file, messtin of one-time foamed plastics because cannot degradation, be in by deadline fell into disuse before the bottom 2000, 2001, the country gives out an announcement 3 times to ban foamed plastics dinner service continuously again about ministries and commissions. "But besides a few area such as Beijing, the tableware of one-time foamed plastics of countrywide each district not only did not decrease, return grow in quantity instead. Guangdong is typical. " classification of old research rubbish and the Lv Chunyuan that handle a technology say. Lv Chunyuan tells a reporter, according to the data that he collects this year, guangdong complete province had foamed plastics tableware to produce a business 2000 15, tableware of one-time foamed plastics produces per year a quantity about 4 billion; Had increased to 20 or so now, crop achieves 4.5 billion above. "When I did not retire 1997, the plastic proportion of Guangzhou rubbish is about 11% to 12% , ever was as high as 16% in recent years, there still is 13% now much. The contribution of its lunch box is very large. " Lv Chunyuan tells a reporter, according to his investigation, at present Guangzhou besides a few big wine shop, restaurant, the market of messtin of one-time foamed plastics is had rate achieve 9 into above. And the information that obtains according to be in from manufacturing company, the one-time plastic dinner service that enters Guangzhou market every year is about 1.5 million control to 2 million. The majority of a home to return to of these messtin is to fill bury. Cannot the commonnest substitute also calculate " environmental protection " why is tableware of one-time foamed plastics banned repeatedly more than? Be blow is strength too small have facts one wishes to hide additionally still? Lv Chunyuan's answer makes a reporter a little amazed: Unplug pancreas holds  to skip order of? of an ancient earthen utensil for steaming rise acts too hastily namely at all, short-term inside we still cannot find more appropriate substitute to replace dinner service of one-time foamed plastics. " " the commonnest now replacing a product is paper messtin what perhaps added starch is alleged ' but degradation ' messtin. " Lv Chunyuan is pulling a finger to say to the reporter, "But they not only more expensive than sending box of soak cooked rice in soup or water to want severalfold, and not environmental protection. " Lv Chunyuan explanation says, the messtin that adds starch can " splitting decomposition " and cannot degradation, amylaceous part degradation, plastic part still is in, this kind of tableware can break up only small; Paper tableware existence is not out of shape heat-resisting, easily, the problem that easy mildew changes, what is more,the rather that papermaking also is tall use up, tall pollution industry. The foamed plastics messtin that indicates to many reports is met below 65 ℃ high temperature release carcinogenic substance 2 evil flower view, lv Chun Yuanjiao must be eyewash. "Publish data without any state department at present, confirming foamed plastics tableware is poisonous. " 2 evil flower generation condition is:  hands in bald  of lobar Liu excrement to take  Qun shine bridle Liu commentate above of ℃ of?00 of Huang Lou of grave of  shellfish Bi; Metallic activator exists, and afore-mentioned material were not used already in production of foamed plastics messtin, use the high temperature that also reachs 200 ℃ above possibly anything but daily. Look in Lv Chunyuan, foamed plastics is good without harm, durable sex, its cost is low also let meal enterprise and citizen be happy to accept, this ability is its ban more than prime cause repeatedly. And understand according to the reporter, because the use range of box of eat of one-time foamed plastics is too wide,be, guangzhou concerns what the government sector has begun these pair of dinner service rarely in recent years to execute the law the action. Concerned ban exists in name only already. Guangzhou enterprise tries to reclaim experience policy " camp " face brief period inside cannot the reality of prohibit completely, the view of the expert of a batch of environmental sanitation such as Lv Chunyuan is, why to use the concept of circular economy, undertake reclaiming using to these messtin? According to reporter understanding, useless old foamed plastics is usable really will make reworked plastics, but messtin quality is light, and touch smeary hind clean very hard, because this general reject buys a station not to wish,reclaim messtin, can fill only bury become cannot the rubbish of degradation. Accordingly, governmental subsidy reclaims " experience of 3 minutes of money of Shanghai " the model that makes the expert take delight in talking about such as Lv Chunyuan. 2000, shanghai publishs a regulation, all produces box of one-time plastic tableware businesses inside requirement city, every produce a product to be about to governmental pay 3 minutes of money, the government undertakes repartition: 1.5 cent pays to reclaim unit, 0.5 minutes of allowance deal with unit, 0.5 branch pay manage and carry out an unit; Use 0.5 minutes at traffic expense. Because reclaim,use became profitable issue, the reclaims to become citizen and company with recycle active behavior of one-time plastic tableware. According to the estimation of management board of environmental sanitation of Shanghai the appearance of a city, shanghai is at present one-time of plastic messtin reclaim rate had achieved 80% . Lv Chunyuan discloses, guangzhou ever also had an enterprise to consider the successful experience of duplicate Shanghai. April 2002, the capital between Ceng Youmin built a foamed plastics to answer midwifery to produce a line in Guangzhou, can reclaim everyday box of about 2 tons of useless old one-time eat, make the reworked plastics product such as gage, pen container, recycle rate can be achieved 70% . But this product line ran a year merely, because suffer,shut about the branch. "The official thinks, since had prohibited producing dinner service of use foamed plastics, reclaim epispastic tableware also is with ' 6 order ' spirit nots agree with. " why is Shanghai OK and is Guangzhou no good? "Shanghai is much on the character a heart. " Lv Chunyuan says, "Shanghai stipulates those who write is one-time plastic messtin, not be messtin of one-time foamed plastics, actually one-time messtin is foamed plastics for the most part. " the failure that delegate of many National People's Congress offers to did not see effect tries this, let Lv Chunyuan realise, breach must be found in legislative level. Be in delegate of National People's Congress of the 10th whole nation, Guangzhou on 3 yuan of desk of Li Guojiang of li of general manager of industrial limited company, putting the pen container of a green, imprinting above a small character: Stop dainty cowardly?0 plastic messtin answers those who receive production to come out " . 2006, li Guojiang is persuaded by Lv Chunyuan after passing survey one time, in in those days put forward on conference of countrywide National People's Congress " carry out reclaim use, processing white is polluted " proposal. "Guangzhou answers midwifery that to produce a line to produce this pen container in those days. " Li Guojiang says to the reporter. Look in Li Guojiang, 6 order although jumping-off place is environmental protection, but the commodity that involves life of ten million common people to is banned completely, apparent some are brash. "Pure prohibit one-time messtin can not administer white effectively to pollute, also cannot resource conservation, be apt to uses resource. 6 order are banned and more than, also block up the research development of new substitute. " Li Guojiang says. In those days June, national classics trade appoint the most significant step that insisting to think to eliminate foamed plastics dinner service thoroughly on one hand in suggesting to reply is processing white pollution, also admit on the other hand " Shanghai experience " obtained result, undertaking reclaiming to plastic tableware also is a good way. The reply still discloses, department of Commerce is reclaiming in the 24 cities renewable resources that start pilot. Li Guojiang compares satisfaction to this answer at that time, but when lie between 3 years, the government still did not fulfil the evidence of act, this makes him very disappointed again. Look in him, reclaim use with prohibit comparing directly rise, the government should do more work, difficulty is greater also. But this action can administer pollution truly effectively, the government cannot be not done because of the trouble. After Li Guojiang, national People's Congress of 12 Guangzhou city is on behalf of Liang Xiaoming on conference of city National People's Congress to table a proposal: Fly promotion of? of road of happy event of Tu of   ⑴ ancienting name for a water catltrop reclaims use. " after this, below the requirement of mayor Zhang Anning, guangzhou city goes to Shanghai technically to make an on-the-spot investigation about the branch. In the answer to Liang Xiaoming, concerned branch states Guangzhou is including plastic dinner service in construction on one hand inside renewable resources reclaims use a network, also admit on the other hand, at present Guangzhou exists on management of tableware of one-time foamed plastics legislative blank. Concerned department clerk discloses, below the premise that did not cancel in 6 order, as local government, guangzhou has an action hard. "Governmental answer is very beautiful, but I cannot see real action. " Liang Xiaoming says. He and Li Guojiang are being accepted when interviewing, express, although 6 order have not cancel, but Guangdong province and Guangzhou city cannot policy of country of sit back and wait changes, and should learn Shanghai, serve as actively. Lv Chunyuan says, he has convinced the whole nation, province, city, region delegate of various National People's Congress reclaims for foamed plastics tableware referred nearly 20 proposals or second reading. Although had not seen distinct effect up to now, but he still can continue to appeal. Visit a reporter on the spot join visited partial meal enterprise and terminal market a few days ago, the use that discovers dinner service of Guangzhou one-time foamed plastics really still very general, and the amount is huge. Big wine shop: ?000 of Mei of post perch random  in the sea there is store of a lot of small-sized snacks inside village of bead area peace and happiness, the reporter sees, the snack inn here is without exceptional ground to use epispastic messtin entirely. The reporter walks into inn of cate of a sweetmeats, the bowl did not prepare even in inn dish wait for tableware, always will have a meal install with messtin. The boss says, their messtin is to call order, send by others come. The boss is pointing to the one-time epispastic messtin that piling on the desk to say, one wool money controls this kind of messtin, of the sort of environmental protection want 3 wool much. One the world comes, the messtin that they use is amounted to 100 many. And the controller of some large seafood restaurant on Guangzhou highway tells a reporter, this wineshop should use messtin of about 5000 one-time foamed plastics every months on average, he still tells a reporter, large wineshop does not need him to purchase messtin commonly, department of the scrolls pasted on either side of the door forming a couplet on the member that can have a sale sells. "If do not have special requirement, those who sell is the one-time messtin of this kind of white. " middleman: ⑴ Shen buys inquiry of the member that thank Liang to enter wetting? reporter to call to surname messtin to sell to a Liu with the identity of restaurant buyer, mr Liu says, what inn of general restaurant, snack uses is simple case messtin, 600 messtin 84 yuan, every about 1 wool 2, and the messtin quality that a few big public houses use is better, every messtin price is 1 wool 5. Two case or the messtin price of 3 case are same, it is 2 wool a 5. Every other of inn of general restaurant, snack 10 obtain one inferior goods to 15 days, the measure that takes messtin every time is 600. Mr Liu still tells a reporter, his messtin is from Fosan " big plant " take money directly, supply of goods is enough, the restaurant needs to hit a phone to messtin sends only come, be in only the Spring Festival when the case that just has inadequacy of supply of goods occasionally appears. Ask about to whether have when the reporter more of environmental protection plastic or when paper messtin, mr Liu says at once: ? of Juan of Sun of mystery of Sou of raw meat or fish of brandish of the  that make bifurcation smooth with a rake fell into disuse. " this kind of goods in stock is not had on him hand. Terminal market:  of street serve Wa peddles? of θ Song Shi to be in Guangzhou city the peaceful austral sea bead area is wholesale center, the firm reporter that take the door sees, 34 tableware go once quality foamed plastics messtin is wholesale. Major component is simple case and double standard messtin, return cent to be material to differ with size character next norms, of double standard basically be 115 yuan / bag, every bags have 600, about 78 minutes of money. Be in the name is " 3 with ministry of one-time tableware distribute " in, whether does the inquiry have environmental protection when the reporter when messtin sells, a member that sell wants to tell a reporter: Elder brother of full A Chinese-style unlined garment falls? but want 6 wool money, very few person buys oh. " in oil of grain of area of Guangzhou city white cloud terminal market, the reporter also discovered the business of box of eat of 45 wholesale one-time foamed plastics is spread. Be in the name is " flourishing trading company " snack things and glue bag are wholesale shop, before the reporter sees the door, reach li a foamed plastics messtin that a lot of different specifications piled up in storehouse. When reporter inquiry has environmental protection or paper messtin, salesman is pointing to among them one bag is imprinting " but degradation messtin " the messtin of model of written characters says, this kind of messtin is but of degradation. The reporter was compared roughly, discover this is planted " but degradation messtin " distinguish with general messtin it doesn't matter on quality of a material, the brim is shown plastic spumescent, both price is similar also. To paper messtin, salesman expresses, not only their inn does not have paper messtin, other store also is done not have. "We had not entered paper messtin. " salesman expresses. Ask when the reporter when having a person to check these one-time messtin, salesman is laughing to express, everybody uses this, do not have a person to be able to be checked. "Our store start business several years, selling this to plant all the time! " is degradation of expert viewpoint biology best but is crop little price high of messtin of one-time foamed plastics how long to live to you still can be maintained? Do its reclaim valuable? Is the professional personage of plastic industry how of look upon? The reporter covered country for this exclusive bourse of a plastic electron -- , an authoritative expert of Guangdong plastic bourse. 1. What harm does tableware of one-time foamed plastics have? Answer: Tu of ⑴ of center of eddy of the Huaihe River ancients name for a water catltrop  showing Tao evil spirit qualitative Qiang Yan uncovers formic? at present accepted is this kind of material harmful to the environment. Because cannot be decomposed, these are plastic in filling the meeting after burying to stay for a long time in soil. As to right in use process human body is harmful, the debate is at present greater. Researcher thinks, in 65 Celsius when foamed plastics gives out carcinogen with respect to meeting brandish 2 evil flower, but also a lot of senior engineers, expert thinks daily use temperature issues this is impossible. This country does not have final conclusion about the branch. But there is some of inferior dinner service on market now, olefin of many French chalk, industry was joined when production, these are poisonous. Basis before investigation, inferior dinner service occupies the 1/4 left and right sides of the market probably. 2. What substitute does foamed plastics tableware have at present? Answer: Travel ┑ offsprings neon of the Mei that tell take along sth to sb invades the to fold that talk way 5  cowardly thanks numerous H alarm to fear ridge? papermaking also is the industry that uses up tall pollution, high, also not environmental protection. Country is the commonnest is " half degradation " plastic tableware, join starch namely. Had done a test before nevertheless, after discovering amylaceous degradation, the plastic grain of bits and pieces stays in soil, or not environmental protection. Still one is plant is biology degradation material, this kind of messtin is to use corn, potato to ferment, synthesis of again thick condensation polymerization gets together lactic acid will make. Quality of this kind of product best, pollution is the least, it is optimal substitute. 3. Since had ideal substitute, why is polystyrene eat box still banned repeatedly more than? Answer: ? of secondary  of Zou of post Mou Qiang is crop reason. Get together lactic acid data is more valuable than polystyrene 1, 3 times, use eat case, masses and businessman can be accepted is a problem. Get together additionally output of lactic acid country is not big still, a year also ten tons, can saying is to demand exceeds supply. At present of home get together plastic much uses lactic acid in producer labour skeleton is medical perhaps on the high-end product such as capsule, with what will do messtin very few. 4. Do you think polystyrene eat box is returned can " live " how long? Answer: Hair of country of? of Yan appropriate  changes appoint, classics trade appoint, the branch such as environmental protection ministry in a planned way, replace dinner service of one-time foamed plastics thoroughly with time of 56 years. Now several get together newly plastic product line is in lactic acid in the program, when crop went up, the country may be used compare strong measure to carry out. Tableware of one-time foamed plastics is after all not of environmental protection. Get together at present lactic acid is plastic prospect develops in China very big, during this Olympic Games, all one-time plastic products of Beijing are asked to be complete degradation, this represented the way of development. 5. Drive polystyrene eat box to reclaim now significant still? Answer: It is significant that Wan lie  prevents  ? to still have of course. Additional, polystyrene is plastic use not just actually make dinner service, there is a large number of use in the material that pack, housing materials. These foamed plastics can produce reworked plastics through reclaiming.

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