A few countries of European develop new energy industry energetically
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Danish cooperation drives wind energy to gain ground. Regard the initiate of zoology village concept as the country, denmark is one of countries that energy problem settles best. 1973 after crisis of first time oil, denmark adjusts structure of the sources of energy energetically, support science and technology progresses, improve energy efficiency, be developed actively and popularize new energy resources energetically, exploration gave " efficient, clean, can last " the road of development. From 1980 up to now, danish GDP grew nearly 60% , but the sources of energy is used up maintain basically changeless, your common people is fixed eyes upon. The Danish development in new energy resources and in using head turn wind energy, in the newest energy plan of its formulate, put forward clearly the sources of energy was formed 2030 will be wind energy is occupied 50% , solar energy 15% , biology can be mixed other but second birth the sources of energy 35% . Among them, 75% what wind energy still will occupy electric power to supply gross 2025. At the appointed time, denmark will be become rely on wind " drive " country. Danish wind-force generates electricity research only then 1891, it is one of begins the earliest to undertake wind-force generates electricity to consider and apply a few countries on the world. A when in recent years Danish wind energy develops fundamental trend is the development on Xiang Hai, up to 2007, electric field of maritime and wind- driven hair already amounted to Denmark 11, among them, the wind-force of the biggest suddenly favour reef on the world sends electric field to be able to satisfy the electric power requirement of 150 thousand family. In the process that extends wind energy in Denmark, private investment and fan cooperation had very main effect, having 150 thousand families is the member of fan cooperation, private investor installed Denmark the fan of 86% . At the same time Danish government still undertakes according to the principle of area nearby wind energy is popularized. The share of fan cooperation mostly by local investor hold, such doing increased installed capacity, raised what the public popularizes to wind energy to approbate degree, reduced transmission network loss, with one action of it may be said is much. Swedish firedamp accomplishs low carbon to discharge. Sweden " managing the sources of energy can develop continuously with what replace the sources of energy " as basic national policy, can develop those who replace the sources of energy continuously at the same time the centre of gravity that regards its as energy policy. In this one policy guidance falls, the development that Swedish government advances new energy resources energetically and use. Among them the most outstanding achievement is to make full use of " firedamp " , implementation is energy-saving decrease a platoon. Still be in in a few countries for " Kyoto protocol " in conflict of carbon dioxide discharge capacity endlessly when, came 1990 2006, sweden already realized carbon dioxide discharge capacity to decrease successively every year sadly 9% , meanwhile, national economy achieved the growth of 44% in this one period, can weighs the successful case that can develop continuously. Discharge capacity of Swedish carbon dioxide is compared even " Kyoto protocol " formulary level is low still 4% , facilitate the main factor of this one achievement is to use " firedamp " as dynamical fuel. Be applied at public traffic of train, city and private taxi in Swedish firedamp. Some cities still collect rubbish and coupling of public traffic system rises, use marsh gas in order to facilitate better. In October 2005, train of on the world first firedamp throws operation in Sweden, speed per hour achieves 130 kilometers. In addition, the development that Swedish government still advances of all kinds new energy resources energetically and use. 2006, swedish government announces pair of petrolic will be cast off to depend on inside 15 years, become the first Lai Shi notting comply's oily state, and this one plan will be in acceptance not to add the prerequisite that builds nuclear power plant next carrying out. Actually, 10 years before 2006, a successfully terrestrial heat and useless heat regard Sweden as the total the sources of energy of heating. Besides big thrust wide wind energy, danish government also is being explored ceaselessly more more diversification, effective new energy resources develops pattern. Among them, straw generates electricity, build central firedamp plant, ferment through biology extraction alcohol, use urban rubbish extraction is hydric with methane, use ocean wave to generate electricity the application that waited to get different rate in Denmark. Develop a new style or a new method of one's own of Finnish biology the sources of energy. Finland is known as the whole world most one of countries of environmental protection. Finnish success and its reasonable the sources of energy use structural be closely bound up, and but of second birth the sources of energy using is its successful key. Current, but 25% what second birth the sources of energy has occupied Finnish whole the sources of energy to use, it is an European Union but one of nations with top utilization rate of second birth energy. Finland is small country of a the sources of energy, do not have natural gas without oil without coal, but the fundamental industry of its industry -- -- lumber treatment industry, chemical industry course of study and papermaking course of study are bad news can large family. Contradict to solve this, finland makes full use of home's substantial forest natural resources, walked out of the successful means that the sources of energy of a biology uses. Biology the sources of energy basically points to floral litter, wait like wood chip, bark and silvan fallen leaves, can use generate electricity and heat release. Since of biology the sources of energy but second birth the sources of energy, it is the green the sources of energy of free from contamination or low pollution. The by-product that for silvan litter, man-made forest of the sources of energy and lumber papermaking process trade mixes the principal part of Finnish biology fuel leftover trash. Fuel of another kind of biology includes peat and biology of edible of a few blame to wait. Nowadays, finland had built the chain of biology energy business with perfect form a complete set. The whole nation has 400 about large and medium-sized fuel of use biology of factory of the sources of energy generates electricity heat addition, gained good economic benefits and social benefit. On May 31, 2007, processing factory of derv of on the world first the 2nd acting biology builds go into operation in Finnish south, produce per year a quantity to be able to amount to 170 thousand tons. Biology derv is to use vegetable oil or tallow fat to wait but renewable resources makes the new-style fuel that come out, have clean environmental protection, but the advantage such as second birth, derv of generation biology basically is raw material with colza oil, and derv of the 2nd acting biology still can use the raw material such as palm oil, soybean oil, tallow fat, than before biology derv is more clean. Classics test, the carbon dioxide that derv of the 2nd acting biology produces is traditional derv only 16% to 40% , discharge capacity also reduced the tail gas particle that produces 30% the left and right sides. Compare with photograph of technology of derv of generation biology, cost of technology of derv of the 2nd acting biology lower, pollution is fewer, do not need to make any changing one's costume or dress can mix to having derv engine at the same time or use alone. Using a wood while resource develops biology the sources of energy energetically, finland strengthens the protection of pair of domestic forest natural resources ceaselessly, conduct reasonable development, for instance Finnish law sets, forest advocate when undertaking fell trees to maturity forest, should hand in beforehand to the bank build gold of danger of new Lin Bao (afforestation expends) , what must be in two years at the same time is immanent cut the reforest on the ground. After new forest wood checks and accept qualification through the government sector, forest advocate just can get imprest afforestation fee, otherwise, the country will employ this money for you afforestation, forest advocate still must free attends battalion forest to work. This regulation checked effectively demesne forest the phenomenon that cut down does not plant. Below the joint efforts of government and individual, finnish silvan natural resources uses more more. Year of growth quantity of Finnish nowadays forest should measure tower above than fell trees 1/3 above. Icelandic use the heat of the earth's interior to depend on oil no longer. Of proximate the Arctic circle Icelandic, became 2007 " the country that the whole world suits to live most " , look in many people, this is adv unimaginably thing simply, icelandic climate is harsh, fantasticality, winter sees light scarcely, a for the most part desert, signs of human habitation is exiguous. But be a such countries, make full use of nature place gifts a kind of clean new energy resources -- -- the heat of the earth's interior, become the state with the cleanest whole world. According to exploration, icelandic whole nation has 800 to be in hot field more in all, it is one of hot field is most countries on the world. Hot field has the branch of high temperature and low temperature. Tall tepid cropland distributings to be taken in new volcanic activity, temperature of its underground heat energy is between 200~300 Celsius, agree with generate electricity and other industry utility, do not develop only now 10% . Low tepid cropland pervades the whole nation, temperature is under 100 Celsius, agree with the building warms oneself, conservatory is cultivated and pisciculture, already was developed generally. The data that Icelandic government provides shows, arrive when 2005, the heat of the earth's interior already assured Icelandic the sources of energy of 55% is supplied. The utility with the biggest terrestrial heat was to ensure almost of the whole nation feed demand of warm hot water. Up to now, the latent capacity that Icelandic terrestrial heat generates electricity developed one fraction only, main electric power is supplied still come from waterpower, the ascendant space that uses resource of the heat of the earth's interior accordingly is very large still. In the meantime, icelandic the state that becoming the first not to use fossil fuel hard, cast off pair of petrolic to depend on. 1999, the name is " Icelandic new energy resources " association holds water, this association put forward Icelandic enter " hydric times " development program, preparation is in 2015 use hydric car and ship to the production between 2020, begin full-scale technology to commercialize. 2008, icelandic trader of momentum of the first hydrogen will not overcome the voyage around in Lei Keya, icelandic still plan to transform whole traffic system into hydrogenous power system before 2050. Norwegian development borrowing wind " hydrogenous economy " . Came 2001 2006, norway is judged 6 years to be by U.N. continuously " the country that the whole world suits to live most " . Norway is a river the country with numerous, abundant rainfall, have substantial water resources, development of its water and electricity is earlier, already had history of 100 years up to now, technology of water and electricity is very advanced. Norwegian but second birth the sources of energy uses scale taller, nearly 60% what occupy the sources of energy to always be used up; Among them the 99% electric energy that are water and electricity are occupied 50% , biology can be occupied 6% ; Oil and coal cannot second birth the sources of energy is occupied respectively 36% with 7% ; Although natural gas reserves is tall, but use quantity is less than 3% . Norway is wind energy of the first one or two and hydric union rise the country that generate electricity. 2004, norway is in the coast built You Ci to pull wind-force to send electric field on the west, this hair electric field wind- driven at ordinary times generate electricity the surplus electric power of generation is used at decomposing seawater, electroanalysis through water element after generation is hydric, store its in an old vessel, again infuse stores to fuel to groovy hydrogenous generator or infuse in the room, when once because do not have wind or wind-force,cross fresh gale,the car cannot turn, people can get needs electric power with the hydrogen that store. The You Ci that electric field of wind- driven hair is in pulls an island, also realized autarky of the sources of energy accordingly, become the world to go up " hydrogenous economy " demonstrative area. In addition, norway still tried underwater tide to generate electricity, the tide in using ocean drives the turbogenerator that is built at underwater to produce electric power. Turbine of tide of the first underwater 2002 the bottom is installed, merged into in September 2003 electrified wire netting. Additional, norway and very much country are same, also will hydric the dynamical fuel that serves as vehicle, and already gained many headway. 2006, norwegian country Petroleum Company built the first hydric station around Sidamoge, built more hydric stations in succession, after this project ended 2009, sidamoge will become to the highway of Oslo " hydric road " .

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