Industry of Si Kangxin paper rolls out American power new-style environmental pr
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The environmental protection that increases increasingly to satisfy a client asks, weisikangxin paper estate company (Neenah Paper) rolled out a series of adornment paper that adopt FSC attestation and adornment material recently, they can be used to cover of wrap up of manufacturing paper box, books and periodicals and other adornment material. The general manager Greg Burdick of this company image and appraisal career ministry says: "Our target is enlarge can the market of durative material, build product line of our FSC environmental protection. These adornment material are our newest scientific research achievement, they can presswork for what all sorts of products provide an environmental protection, press flower and adornment face, for example cover of books and periodicals, passport cover and paper box wrap up. "   as we have learned, these new products the Mooney heavenly body that in Weisikangxin paper estate company will pass FSC attestation in March this year (Munising) production has in the factory.

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