5 big papermaking companies of Korea home express actively to recall the plan th
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Review trade from Korea fairness committee holds water up to now 20 Yu Zai, the ironhanded act of Korea government antitrust is ceaseless. Enter 21 centuries when the history especially in last few years, of an antitrust " hurricane " it is to sweep across IT, oil, safe, bank, car to make almost more wait for national pillar industry, upheld normal national economy order effectively thereby, make a countryman sufficient experience a country to hit inequity to trade stoutly the sturdy determination with forestall behavior. Although raw material price is protected,kept balance on August 27, 2008 firm, outstanding achievement of battalion of already of look forward to also did not appear any problems, but enterprise of 5 big papermaking ever was in Korea the combination before this expresses to will raise price August 15% . Korea fairness trades committee thinks accordingly, presence of business of 5 big papermaking is colluded with drive up the suspicion of paper value, launched investigation. By force of governmental pressure, industry of 5 big papermaking expresses actively to recall the plan that raise price. In Korea home the market is taken in 9 papermaking enterprise the enterprise of 5 big papermaking of 72% , the middle ten days of a month will be released external in July rise in price announcement. Korea thinks after layout Ministry of finance and investigation of classics of intellectual economy ministry, hold papermaking cost the pulp price of 80% did not happen of late fluctuant, and nonexistent also henceforth the possibility that raises price considerably. For this, intellectual economy ministry still held valorize and meeting of the people's livelihood, the decision takes price control step. According to this one measure, if nonexistent raw material rises in price element, production company do sth without authorization rises in price, fairness trades commission will launch investigation to the enterprise, and collude with rise in price to trade in fairness in the unjust orthogonality easy punishment of committee most severe. By force of pressure, korea papermaking Joint Industry Conference cancels to will rise in price August at was being reported formally on August 27 about the branch to the government the announcement of the plan.

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