Fragrance Ou Huichuan (the oar paper professional work that UPM) company announc
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A few days ago, fragrance Ou Huichuan (UPM) the company announces, to improve the gain ability of the company, fragrance Ou Huichuan will undertake wholesale business structure recombine, close the business of all papermaking that make a starch of Finnish churchyard, may bring about 2009-2010 from this year a 1600 more than person is unemployed. It is reported, recombine this to have the kind that uses successive. the four seasons was spent 2008, fragrance Europe is collected plain company general cancel after verification the fixed assets of 170 million euro, begin to undertake the first batch cuts down the member of persons employed. And the other charge that concerns with close down is 30 million euro about. Fragrance Ou Huichuan's plan is: △ arrives by 2008, shut Finnish Kazani (Kajaani) paper mill; △ arrives by 2008, shut be located in Finnish Waerkaiakesiji (Valkeakoski) Tewasali (Tervasaari) oar factory; △ is in 2009-2010 year, significantly the production of branch of label of Europe of promotion fragrance Ou Huichuan; △ is right all company groups, business and functional branch undertake adjustment straightening. Fragrance Europe collects mill of paper of plain card Za Ni produce can be 640 thousand tons, main production newspaper, special newspaper and paper of notes of blame Tu Bu. In Feburary 2008, this factory has had stop production of machine of a paper. Of this factory shut, will make fragrance Ou Huichuan is produced in European newspaper can decrease 13% , special newspaper is produced can decrease 25% , of paper of notes of the cloth that be not besmear produce can decrease 9% . Fragrance Ou Huichuan is in mill of calorie of the paper that plunge into the Buddhist nun to have 670 employee, having 535 people among them is work in the paper mill. After blocking mill of the paper that plunge into the Buddhist nun to shut, fragrance Ou Huichuan will continue in Kazani's sawmill operation. Fragrance Europe collects Chuantewasali the productivity of oar factory is produce per year pulp 210 thousand tons. In the meantime, here still has 3 paper opportunity, produce per year special type paper 370 thousand tons. Fragrance Ou Huichuan has 680 employee in Tewasali, of oar factory shut will affect among them 150 more than person. After this oar factory is shut, fragrance ability of Ou Huichuan that make a starch will decrease 10% . After factory of the oar in especially made of baked clay Sa is shut, fragrance the paper machine that Ou Huichuan is here will continue to produce, and the other oar factory of the Ou Huichuan of chemical oar Jiang Congfen that its need allocates and transport come over. It is reported, fragrance Ou Huichuan has prepared to begin to undertake negotiating with the worker. The decision that is based on a negotiation to make, will come on stage the earliest in December this year. The content that the negotiation involves, divide a contract besides solution, still include emeritus, mix full employment post and undertake grooming afresh waiting. After the factory is shut, fragrance Ou Huichuan will begin come off sentry duty in Kazani again obtain employment project. This project will cooperate with all sorts of society organizations, help unemployed employee actively seek new job hand-in-hand travel grooms afresh.

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