Energy cost is driven presswork price rocket
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The other field of the industry that pack and print is same, bearing to come from the enormous pressure that produces can superfluous, profit to drop to grow to be brought too quickly with energy cost, but what differ with other sphere place is, pack presswork the enterprise has decided to want to take certain and necessary action in a few months in the past, the manufacturing cost move that the risk that risking possible meeting to lose business will increase bravely arrived on client body. The report shows what already 13 companies announce to want to raise his recently to presswork the price, still include industry tycoon Emma to overcome among them (Amcor, australia packs a tycoon) company and Qiesapike (Chesapeake, the United States packs an enterprise) company, latter announces to want to presswork his even the price rises 10% the left and right sides. The sale manager Bob Houghton that cuts Sa skin to overcome a company to be in England says: "I think present circumstance wants how terrible than allowing when to be awaited before, we are facing the enormous pressure that the sources of energy and in pairs of weak data price rise, and their go up be in two digit above. " like company of the Pi Ke that cut Sa, handkerchief overcomes flexible package south (Nampak) European subsidiary also states he is facing the pressure that rise in price. The sources of energy, raw material and fuel cost reached an unprecedented height, so, to carry the normal movement of the enterprise, they besides rise in price to already had no alternative. Although these measure can have certain effect, but in the ear that still bad news in a steady stream passes us ceaselessly. It is at the beginning of this year August, scotland power company (ScottishPower) , German E.ON Lu Er lights gas company, Npower company and Na Su the price of the sources of energy that company of case orchid power announces to want to raise his, and before this, supplier of additionally two great energy -- French power company and England light gas company to already also announced to rise in price, and latter is in certain zone rise in price extent exceeded 44% even. Although whole print is enveloped,be in miserable mist of an anxious cloud, but people still can see a light. The day that ends to distribute news dispatches (on August 29, 2008) , england the following day the natural gas price of consign had fallen from the 69 pound last month 47 pound, drop exceeded 32% . In addition, the futures price of natural gas also the 104 flower pounds from June / therm dropped 88 flower pounds / therm, and world crude price also dropped near 20% , now the price of every pails of crude oil is 118 dollars left and right sides, and its maximum price July is 147 dollars. So, what kind of effect can all these produce to packing the future of print? To a lot of lie for the packing enterprise in predicament, this good news of price fall of the sources of energy also lacks the power that turns round heaven and earth too it seems that.

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