Germany is superfluous volume unmanned make inquires
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In the past a few weeks, be in especially Bavarian, pulp of metaphase of the 1st quarter uses afterwards material demand unexpected soars, cause the price in primary contract under established Feburary price. Because demand is excess, buyer begins to be in the storehouse with wet climate store indigestion amount to tens of thousands of stere to use material in order to have untimely needs. But, buy business to also allude a forest at the same time possessory, they because store,the quantity is lacked and won't store further overmuch lumber. Mostly pulp has excessive to supply with material middleman. Supply and demand is excess be by with all possible means the element causes. Supply and demand is excess closely related the cleared business that executes with Australia and Germany, this also brings about Germany to halt export to the pulp material of Australia and Italy. But, current, still do not have the export market of the others. Because large-scale exit is shut,reach adjust, demand of German pulp material decreases apparently. Reach a forest as a result of price fall of log of sawn timber of leaf of Bavarian part needle possessory expect to be worth to insect pest lumber increase, begin from August, cutting job is in go a few days somewhat slow down, a few areas already stopped even. Restrict persistent time length according to cutting, pulp material buys business to predict in short supply will be in 8, will appear again September.

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