Magnate of industry of two big paper announces to decrease the sweep inside the
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Collect as fragrance Europe plain with all alone of Si Daola favour company of this two big papermaking announces to shut factory and reduction in production early or late, will station of more than 3300 works is affected. Fragrance the business structure that Ou Huichuan will recombine him, simplify to manage and be in likely the Kajaani that its shut to be located in Finland before the end of the year this year and Tervasaari paper mill, this will make about 1600 employee are in 2009-2010 year during lose the job. Fragrance Ou Huichuan's president holds presiding apparitor Jussi Pesonen concurrently to say: "Traditional market is putting delay gradually to the growth rate of paper demand, produce can surplus problem to be in Europe very general, and of economic growth rate decelerate farther aggravate our difficulty. According to current market condition, we are afraid in Finnish paper and pulp manufacturer maintain very hard again went down. "   in addition, si Daola favour alls alone the company also announces to want to shut its to run not good at paper mill, the yield that reduces about 600 thousand tons can. Carry out with what recombine a plan as this company reduction in production, will 1700 employee are affected, in addition, this company still announces the wood fell trees that should reduce its to be in Russia is measured. Firm of search of Si Daola favour shuts his will permanently to be located in the manufacturing facilities in Germany and Finnish certain paper mill. Jouko Karvinen of this company presiding apparitor states they are done so is to center energy to had made his fist product.

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