Papermaking industry: There was pressure 2009
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3 quarters produce paper value to glide now, the researcher thinks to still have besides main area element a few otherer special element. Put delay as a result of what economy grows, paper industry demand puts delay is the main factor that brings about paper industry to glide. As a result of element of early days Olympic Games, social inventory increases enlarge in great quantities 2008 first half of the year the demand of paper industry, after the Olympic Games stimulates incident to end, paper price falls, downstream and much digestive stock causes demand many and cut magnified the demand of paper industry worsens likewise. Four quarters will be good at 3 quarters, as a result of,basically be of social inventory digest make demand replies gradually normal level. From supply and demand main area looks, pressure can increase domestic papermaking trade 2009. 2008 - GDP of 3 years 2010 is added fast forecasting is respectively 9.4% , 9.2% , 9% , in this one economy growth rate premise falls, the consumption growth rate of domestic paper industry is respectively 10.69% , 7.75% , 7.68% , and calculate according to fixed assets produce can, we think the yield of papermaking industry can utilization rate from 2008 96% drop to 92.76% 2009, the industry is put in gliding pressure. Industry profit was added 2008 fast 60% the left and right sides, the profit of the industry added fast likelihood to be in 2009 - 10% - 10% , industry profit is added fast drop considerably. Be worth a level through be worth the historical appraise of level and American papermaking course of study with appraise of history of domestic paper industry quite, value standard mirrorred the estimate that at present paper owner wants a company already basically to anticipate to what did not come, appraise is worth a level to had dropped to historical low.

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