Papermaking course of study: Gain data is still good increase power somewhat aba
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From at present trade data is mixed fluctuant anticipate look, the gain data of papermaking industry is still good, but profit increases power somewhat abate, partial paper is planted have a callback likelihood. The industry produced can outspread rate 2007 and do not have rein in, if demand suffers economy to affect cannot synchronous dilate, appreciate to affect export again, the adverse circumstance that entire industry may appear to be begged for be more than, from 2007 crop is more than the clue that domestic consumption phenomenon sees supply and demand changes first. And go from the history situation is OK discovery, papermaking industry does not have the market to get go up or get drop idiosyncratic, go up drop all lag at the market, go up to fill fill dropping industry. Papermaking industry already entered value to invest area, not be to rebound nevertheless get go up board piece. Papermaking industry PE, PB is close to historical low, already entered investment area, do not have the market to get considering papermaking industry go up or get drop idiosyncratic, can mark matchs this trade, wait for the market to improve apparently, farther aggrandizement Shi Zaichao compounds advantage of cost of opposite appraise of papermaking industry low PE, PB.

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