Papermaking packs course of study: Hopeful of outstanding achievement of before
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Papermaking of before 3 quarters is packed board piece appear on the market hopeful of company outstanding achievement maintains rapid growth. Papermaking is packed board piece 41 companies, at present 23 announce 3 quarters outstanding achievement premonitory, add 13 beforehand among them, be filled with 4 beforehand, make the same score 1 beforehand, fall beforehand 3, have a deficit beforehand 2. Predict 3 quarters papermaking is packed board piece company outstanding achievement still can maintain rapidder growth, hopeful of net profit amplitude achieves 30% above. Basically rise considerably as a result of value of product of industry benefit from benefit from, energy-saving decrease a platoon to fall into disuse backward produce can, the RMB appreciates reduce cost of entrance raw material, olympic Games stimulation is pulled change requirement at 4 o'clock, and price of 3 quarters raw material relatively stabilize somewhat first half of the year. Fractionize industry splits up. Culture paper suffers industry of the energy-saving influence that decrease a platoon to still maintain high boom; Because white paperboard is produced can put in centrally, scene bearing glides somewhat; Newspaper and art paper stimulate an element to disappear as a result of the Olympic Games, beg for be more than, face awkward situation; Board paper is produced can superfluous, the industry is faced with shuffle. Papermaking packs an industry to at present 3 pay close attention to a dot greatly. 1) industry boom. At present papermaking industry is in boom to be nodded high, the industry bibcock that has comprehensive papermaking product on one hand will continue to enjoy industry boom, and on the other hand as a result of a few child the industry already began differentiation, still maintain taller scene bearing child the industry will be those who produce this kind of product to appear on the market the company brings higher profit. If the industry is absolutely,bibcock morning cries paper industry. Value of 2) forest natural resources promotes. Because lumber rises in price continuously, the ceaseless promotion of value of forest natural resources, the company that has forest capital fund is having very large latent capacity. On one hand " forest paper unifinication " make this kinds of company accuses ability to increase to the palm of upriver raw material, cost advantage will be gained below the environment that upsurges increasingly in raw material price, on the other hand, as the reform of system of national forest power, make the value of forest asset is shown increasingly, if country to demesne if the limitation of forest fell trees becomes loose somewhat, will make this kind of enterprise shows enormous value. Be like industry of Yue Yang paper. 3) large stockholder is added hold. Encourage center look forward to to add as the country hold, counter-purchase appear on the market company stock, center look forward to serves as large stockholder appear on the market company hopeful is added to hold. Pilot of group of the smelt metal in be like is beautiful benefit paper industry. Papermaking packs an industry: Hopeful of outstanding achievement of before 3 quarters maintains rapid growth.

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