Industry of beautiful interest paper counter-purchases the possibility analysis
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Center look forward to increases the possibility that holds company share bigger. Papermaking is packed board piece in exclusive one is accused by center look forward to appear on the market the company is industry of beautiful interest paper, advocate in waiting for paper of mechanism paper, paperboard, treatment, high-grade culture and life use business Wu paper production, manage, sale. Its accuse a beauty of the smelt metal in partner the solely invested subsidiary that limited company of group of benefit paper trade is group of industry of Chinese metallurgy family, industry of paper of hold beautiful interest the share of 27.13% . The group seductivelies dressed or made up to have a large number of papermaking in home, abroad in, make an oar produce can, ever expressed will serve as industry of beautiful interest paper external outspread platform, resource of industry of paper of the whole world below banner of the smelt metal in be opposite with internationalization method undertakes conformity; In as joint-stock as industry of beautiful interest paper undertake forest in construction of paper unifinication project, because capital of industry of beautiful interest paper is insufficient, the group is added 3 times endowment, group of the smelt metal in all was being reflected reachs the confidence of papermaking business and support to industry of beautiful interest paper. If in smelt metal group is added hold appear on the market company stock, go up in the strategy with also not be contrary to before. In addition medium group of smelt metal beautiful interest issued 600 million yuan of debenture to use project of unifinication of Yu Lin paper and compensatory operation fund a few days ago, this can accelerate as joint-stock as industry of beautiful interest paper oar paper company to produce on one hand can release as soon as possible, increase profit; On the other hand, also held share to offer the possibility of capital respect to add.

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