Custom duty of exit New Zealand reduces Xiamen enterprise large area is indebted
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" government of People's Republic of China and agreement of free trade of New Zealand government " will have formal go into effect on October 1, china exports custom duty to be reduced considerably to New Zealand, xiamen enterprise accumulates bedding face indebted. This agreement is the first when our country and each country sign comprehensive free trade agreement, also be the first each that reachs with the developed country by trade agreement. After agreement become effective, our country exports product custom duty to will be reduced considerably to New Zealand. According to the agreement, since October 1, new Zealand from China import what the product realizes 0 custom duty to will be achieved 63.6% . New square at the same time acceptance, will be before January 1, 2016, cancel to import the custom duty of the product from China entirely. Xiamen examines quarantine bureau points out about chief, enterprise of imports and exports will from this large area is indebted. According to statistic, xiamen city was 97.95 million dollar to the foreign trade amount of New Zealand 2007. Among them, import 46.87 million dollar, wait with products of cheese, paper, lumber and wiring give priority to; Export 51.08 million dollar, with dress, shoe kind, bibcock, plastic products and wiring give priority to, and great majority has China to produce a qualification formerly. This also is meant, new Zealand from China after entrance product custom duty cancels, the exit cost of foreign trade enterprise is reduced greatly, in New Zealand the competition ability of the market will rise further. Can enjoy toward the product of New Zealand to make be defeated " agreement " pay of next custom duty privilege, since October 1, our country examines quarantine orgnaization begins to sign and issue China, certificate of country of origin of privilege of New Zealand free-trade area. This certificate can reduce an enterprise to run cost not only, realize two ground commerce to grow quickly, also can reduce current European Union to be opposite our country dress, shoe kind wait for exit product to carry out " graduation " brings adverse effect, reduce what Xiamen commodity exports to the European Union to depend on.

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