Beautiful interest bond seductivelies dressed or made up to obtained national ha
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Limited company of group of trade of beautiful interest paper seductivelies dressed or made up in debenture day obtained national hair to change 2008 appoint approve and issue at will beginning to make public on September 17, distribute scale 600 million yuan, the construction that collect capital uses project of unifinication of Yu Lin paper and fund of compensatory battalion transport. This bond is 7 years period bond of fixed interest rate, at the same time add investor answers carry out option, par annual interest leads 6.3 % , simple interest presses year of plan breath. Bond provides sum by company of group of industry of Chinese metallurgy family termless irrevocable joint liability assures to assure, advocate bear sell Shang Weiping to bring negotiable securities finite liability company. Bond form makes bond of company of pattern of charge to an account for real name, through bear the emission that the member that sell a group installs the site is issued publicly to churchyard orgnaization investor. Issue deadline to be 7 weekday, total capital will be finished at the collect before September 25.

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