Japan makes paper president weigh this money year paperboard will realize gain
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Japan makes president of paper group headquarters fragrant He Yixiong because of 2007 money year (up to in March 2008) business deficit and did not announce this money year the board business that forecast expresses " predict this money year will realize gain " . The reason is as the former fuel such as waste paper the price upsurges, white paperboard will be reached to undertake raising price to base paper of rows of tiles on a roof since autumn this year. On the other hand, presswork to increase increasingly with the inventory of paper, will prevent the price to glide through reduction of output. Go up money year paperboard business deficit 1.1 billion yen. This company plans the last ten-day of a month will rise in September, raise the price offerring money of base paper of rows of tiles on a roof 2 into, will white in October board increases 1 into above. Predict to pass rise in price, of the raw material price such as waste paper rising will get absorption on certain level, this money year will realize two money year will do business first gain.

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