Partner of industry of Yue Yang paper announces rights and interests fluctuant t
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On September 8, 2008, the length that fund length a letter manages finite liability company believes negotiable securities of golden profit trend to invest fund [up to on September 7, 2008, inc. of industry of in relief paper of hold high mountain (abbreviation: Industry of Yue Yang paper) A share 32583472, paper industry already issued aggregate Zhan Yueyang 4.996% of share sum total, next weighing: Jin Li length a letter] A of industry of Yue Yang paper is bought through 2 class market in Shanghai stock exchange share plan 999930. Trade after finishing, the A of industry of Yue Yang paper of hold of interest of gold length a letter share is total 33583402, 5.149% what occupy industry of Yue Yang paper to already issued share number.

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