Industry of beautiful interest paper abandons be being added to company of share
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Job of 16 days of held beautiful interest paper 2008 the 3rd temporarily shareholder plenary meeting passes resolution, vote paper of oar of industry of paper of beautiful interest of the smelt metal in agreeing to abandon be opposite limited company (oar paper company) add endowment. Announcement shows, oar paper company is the share company of industry of beautiful interest paper, register capital to be 912 million yuan. Bencizeng endowment before, appear on the market the equity scale that the company takes oar paper company is 31.58% , to oar paper company contributive forehead occupies accumulative total to accept capital scale actually for 34.32% . Company of paper showing an oar raises register capital RMB 820 million yuan, register its capital change to be a RMB 1.732 billion yuan. Industry of beautiful interest paper expresses, because the country is macroscopical the adjustment of economic policy, company capital area is relatively nervous, the on the rails that to assure to appear on the market the production of the company manages, the company decides those who quit pair of oar paper companies to add endowment, by in the enrollment that limited company of group of trade of paper of smelt metal beautiful interest drafts to increase to oar paper company capital RMB undertakes capture is added 820 million yuan admitting endowment. Administrative layer expresses, agree with oar paper company to add endowment right forest paper unifinication project is carried out smoothly, do become company of big oar paper by force, accord with all shareholder interest, and appear on the market the company quits companies of pair of paper of share company oar add endowment, also accord with the company's current actual condition; Company of this second oar paper is added endowment after reaching the designated position, the equity scale that industry of beautiful interest paper takes oar paper company will by 31.58% turn into 16.63% , the equity scale that limited company of group of trade of beautiful interest paper seductivelies dressed or made up to take oar paper company in will by 68.42% turn into 83.37% .

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