Heibei province is severe accuse new and high on pollution, high cost can, resou
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◆ is opposite inside year the new project of level of specific power consumption of GDP of unit of prep above this locality, uniform examine and approve no longer, approve and put on record ◆ includes what wash out list this year is backward produce what can not fall into disuse on schedule, since November 1 uniform the complete province that stops power supply, water supply to will be held on October 7 is safety of medicines and chemical reagents of safe production, food, energy-saving decrease a platoon to center action videophone conference to put forward, my province will be severe accuse to go up newly " two tall one endowment " (tall pollution, high cost can, resource sex) project, be opposite inside year this year the new project of level of specific power consumption of GDP of unit of prep above this locality, uniform examine and approve no longer, approve and put on record; Add up to condition of environmental protection admittance to notting agree with stop annulus evaluation to approve. By a definite date the concentration of a month acts in, my province will set area city to carry out to each " project of fixed assets investment is energy-saving evaluate and examine provisional way " the evaluation that reach annulus approves a circumstance to undertake checking, to violating compasses examination earnest processing. What wash out list this year to setting area city to include each is backward produce can demolish a circumstance to undertake special check, fail to fall into disuse on schedule, rise from November 1 uniform stop power supply water supply, be in notice of criticism of the municipal government that establish a division to the enterprise. In the meantime, my province still will is opposite " double 30 " the examination of one by one of circumstance of progress of the energy-saving project that decrease a platoon of the unit attempers, strengthen pair of high cost can, discharge those who put an industry high to superintend. Accelerate boiler of executive coal fired to transform, Yu Yayu heat is used wait for 10 big energy-saving projects. Act through concentration, the main goal that the energy-saving job that decrease a platoon should achieve is: Each set reduced rate of specific power consumption of 10 thousand yuan of GDP of area city to achieve annual to protect industry of above of target, dimensions surely 10 thousand yuan raise a cost annual of prep above of reduced rate of specific power consumption plans a target. By October before, "Double 30 " unit, " double 100 " the 80% above of the annual plan of company division energy that finish; Each set area city to reach " double 30 " the project decreasing a platoon that the unit plans complete inside year casts use rate to achieve 75% above, already cast carry project to stabilize moving rate to achieve 95% above; 80% above install enterprise of key of 726 environmental protection contaminant discharges automatic supervisory equipment and with net of couplet of branch of environmental protection of province, city, net of automatic monitoring paralell connection comes true entirely before the end of the year, the stable emission index that amount to mark achieves 95% above. The industry such as annual cement, glass, coke, papermaking will be finished to fall into disuse before the bottom in October backward produce can the task. By November before, each set area city to build perfect and energy-saving censorial center, energy-saving decrease a special fund to get fulfilling.

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