Green negotiable securities or appear on the market into the enterprise entrance
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Industry of Jin Dong paper may make stand in the way of environmentalist of domestic head origin and appear on the market the enterprise of suffocate suffocate, be taken seriously as environmental problem increasingly, this one incident may have the typical sense that comparative, also to appearing on the market the environmental protection responsibility of the enterprise knocks   of alarm bell   noisy by August 2008, division of group of Indonesian golden light leaves famous papermaking company company -- industry of Jin Dong paper (Jiangsu) Inc. (next weighing industry of Jin Dong paper) seek A appear on the market to be organized by much home environmental protection obstruct, 6 environmental protection organize ministry of environmental protection of country of cosignatory submit a written statement to a higher authority, ministry of request environmental protection continues to reinforce the relevant policy such as green credit, approach this company cautiously appear on the market application. Since close period of time, "Green negotiable securities " the field of vision that this concept enters people gradually, relevant superintendency section also takes seriously more appear on the market to the environmental protection of the enterprise is evaluated and be checked. And if the enterprise cannot be perfected carry out " green negotiable securities " policy, face the possibility appear on the market the risk of suffocate suffocate. Unscramble " green negotiable securities "   appears on the market to spending contaminative industry business again, stem from safeguard live jointly reach surroundings, the public often gives more attention. Accordingly, appear on the market in this kind of enterprise in the process, the condition that partial society community offers crosscurrent through all sorts of ways is not rarely seen. And this paper industry is in Jin Dong A appear on the market environmental protection is checked fair oppugn and object what during showing, send, circumstance criterion and before different. The sound that objects this is not to come from dispersive social community, come from the friend that organizes nature at including native land environmental protection, green home and international environmental protection to organize green peace however inside object jointly what 6 environmental protection organize, impetus and social influence all are belonged to all-time. "Be known according to me, resemble appearing personally at the same time by organization of 6 environmental protection so, put forward jointly to appear on the market to an enterprise through giving out the means of open and cosignatory letter to environmental protection ministry the incident of nick, still belong to in field of stock market of our country A first. " accepting " legal person " when the reporter is interviewed, wang Zhonghui's lawyer represents silver-colored attorney office in Beijing. On Feburary 25, 2008, ministry of national environmental protection releases " appear on the market about strengthening the directive opinion that company environmental protection superintends the job " the system of environmental protection of above city company that check and system of environmental information exposure are core, aim keep within limits " double tall " the industry is excessive and outspread, be called by industry opinion of guidance of green negotiable securities, make the economic policy of the 3rd environment after afterwards green credit, green is safe. With respect to the environment of papermaking industry evaluation looks, although be superintendency key all the time, but the photograph of pollutant discharge standard before our country is comparative and inferior, what individual business also carries out to the standard is not very strict. But the one big focal point that environmental protection already made nowadays economy society, hereon affirmative meeting is stricter and stricter after superintending. Yang Chunyan of analyst of industry of papermaking of Oriental negotiable securities is being accepted " legal person " when the reporter is interviewed, express, no matter from what in last few years the industrial policy of papermaking industry still will carry out on May 1, 2009 " content discharges papermaking industry water pollution standard " in light of, country to enterprise of every dimensions inside papermaking area discharged a standard to have more strict control, relevant regulation is stricter and stricter, this already was a trend. Introduce according to Yang Chunyan's analyst, before each big papermaking project is examined and approve, environmental branch can ask the enterprise offers a strict environment to evaluate a report integratedly. And come round to look with respect to eye, the time that this report spends often very long, quite comprehensive to the consideration of environmental protection respect. To the project with large place, environmental protection total bureau meets him do a project to evaluate, this process is stricter. If original project does not amount to itself,sign perhaps says blowdown to exceed the word of mark, so build a project to be passed more impossibly. To papermaking industry, no matter be,be in build a project, spend to the heavy visual range of environmental protection already rose apparently. But with respect to enterprise itself, just achieve the effect that reduces pair of environments as far as possible at present, actually papermaking enterprise can is opposite for certain circumjacent environment is influential. "Ministry of national environmental protection is lifted in several degrees ' environmental protection storm ' later, roll out green credit, green a series of environmental protection such as insurance are new politics, expectation builds link to seek the outlet of crisis of slow down zoology from the system. " Wang Zhonghui's lawyer tells " legal person " reporter, implement policy of green negotiable securities, the environment after the key increases industry financing is superintended, adjusting control the fund that its get to the be in harmony on capital market, the green that will make its are used at be helpful for an enterprise truly develops.   of responsibility of environmental protection society is in quite long period of time, what our country executes is tall capital investment, high natural resources is used up, the economy that tall pollution discharges grows pattern, partial enterprise for angle profit, blind production is managed, consider an environment far from bear ability, not only capital, the sources of energy suffers enormous waste, and manufacturing environment is played havoc with. In experienced serious resource to destroy after be being polluted with the environment, people just begins to pay close attention to environmental problem, pay close attention to environment and the relationship that economy grows, emphasize the social responsibility of the enterprise, put forward " can develop continuously " the strategy. In October 2005, our country new castigatory " company method " for the first time will " the social responsibility of the company " the form with law comes down certainly, this law makes clear requirement company the 5th times to be engaged in running an activity, must " assume social responsibility " . The period setting with harmonious new society is built to fall in national form, assume a corresponding social responsibility, watch the management action of direct company with scientific progress, maintain integral interest of the society, had become the liability with the contemporary obligatory company below condition of socialist market economy. "Cast organization of 6 environmental protection to start this to appear on the market the motive of nick does not talk, sheet looks with respect to incident itself, what 6 environmental protection organize is cosignatory supervise, mirror a setting that worsens in environment of current whole world to fall on one hand, the remarkable promotion of public environmental protection and dimension authority consciousness; On the other hand, this incident also rings alarm bell noisy to contaminative industry, ignore environmental interest and seek profit blindly, be sure to not allow for social place. " Wang Zhonghui's lawyer is right " legal person " express, the enterprise performs duty of society of good environmental protection only, ability wins extensive self-identity of the society and support, try in vain to evade responsibility of environmental protection society through all sorts of ways, be sure finally to pay bitter price. "According to environmental protection ministry " about be opposite industry of Jin Dong paper (Jiangsu) Inc. appears on the market what environmental protection checks a circumstance is fair show " , industry of this paper of second Jin Dong appears on the market the environmental protection limits that check reachs below its banner 6 to control share company for industry of Jin Dong paper, and do not have immediate impact with the other affiliated enterprise of overseas of golden light group and home. " Wang Zhonghui's lawyer expresses, industry of Jin Dong paper is final whether the environmental protection that carries environmental protection department is examined will depend on below industry of Jin Dong paper and its banner 6 accuse share company to observe the condition of national environmental policy and industrial policy inside the period of time that check. And Yang Chunyan of analyst of industry of papermaking of Oriental negotiable securities is right also " legal person " the reporter expresses, the company appears on the market and be made stop, the element may be many sided. This case compares industry of Jin Dong paper special, the company below standard of industry of golden light paper is before long strong because be in of Yunnan destroy agrarian afforestation and be criticized, the public opinion attention that this so Jin Dong incident gets is spent bigger. So Yang Chunyan thinks, the problem that this industry of Jin Dong paper encounters is the blowdown problem of papermaking production itself not just, still involve more of upper reaches take up the farmland afforestation, controversy that breeds forest land to draw, this may be the integrated protest that to whole papermaking industry many link place creates zoology problem. "Generally speaking, resemble Jin Dong the large papermaking enterprise on such international, arrange an issue or take seriously in producing a course quite, the force such as his technology and capital is not inaccessible also, controversy criterion more depends on destroying forest wait for a problem. " Yang Chunyan expresses. How the enterprise answers   to be released according to ministry of national environmental protection " strengthen appear on the market the directive opinion that company environmental protection superintends the job " (annulus sends 〔 2008 〕 24) , be engaged in igneous report, steely, cement, electroanalysis aluminous industry and 13 kinds when cross a province to manage " double tall " the industry will suffer " green negotiable securities " policy tie. This kind of company is applying for a hair to appear on the market henceforth or again when financing, must undertake environmental protection is checked. Can see from this, "Double tall " if industry business wants to apply for a stock to issue appear on the market, the environmental protection that must carry environmental protection department above all is checked, otherwise, will not enter a stock to issue order of examine and verify. Henceforth, "Cross environmental protection to close to be issued too again first appear on the market close " will be hasten of general trends place, environmental protection is unqualified, the company will be appeared on the market by break down. Domestic company, especially the contaminative industry such as papermaking, chemical industry, must take necessary step, solve environmental protection problem. "Of green negotiable securities roll out, to ' double tall ' the enterprise raised more strict and specific environmental protection requirement, be helpful for an enterprise beforehand plan, correct processing is good heighten gain ability and the concern that perform social duty, eliminate potential capital risk, protect investor interest. " Wang Zhonghui's lawyer is right " legal person " the reporter expresses. Be aimed at new policy of green negotiable securities, "Double tall " the application in the industry appears on the market enterprise or application again of financing appear on the market the company should act actively, environmental management is strengthened in routine, pay attention to protective environment, processing to pollute with managing use resource, take the route of green financing, found an environment hard friendly model enterprise. "In fact, before this, ' green negotiable securities ' the test that has passed a year, ministry of national environmental protection already completed pair of 37 home companies appear on the market environmental protection is checked, among them 10 are judged because of existing to disobey annulus badly, had produced the account such as great pollution incident, by ' do not grant to pass ' or ' defer to be checked through appearing on the market ' , energy resources of the coal in including (601898 prices, love, information) , morning cries paper industry (000488 prices, love, information) , violet gold mining industry (601899 prices, love, information) wait, these companies are being finished later after rectifying and reform all appear on the market smoothly already. " Wang Zhonghui's lawyer introduces. Yang Chunyan's analyst is right also " legal person " the reporter expresses, industry of whole papermaking will tell, be destroyed so forest, the influence of the negative issue such as blowdown, the figure of the industry is not very good, also go against paper industry board piece industry estimate value. Henceforth, the industry raises blowdown level, increase social sense of responsibility, give a society figure of a face, conduce to form the competitive environment with more benign industry, no matter from short-term medium still will for a long time look, it is advantageous to the industry. Industry of this paper of second Jin Dong appears on the market, environmental protection organization intervenes in what environmental protection checks level obtain tremendous social echo, there is very powerful force really in also mirrorring an organization of civilian environmental protection to be supervised in environmental protection. Accordingly, had handled the communication with environmental protection organization and communication, attach most importance to especially to appearing for the enterprise should. The enterprise should be good at at be in his the effort of environmental protection respect and investment and public are done more communicate, perfect information exposure, establish the openly figure that takes an environment seriously. "I feel the development of the enterprise affirms meeting and local interest, or public interest a little long-term or short-term conflict, this is normal, and major while conflicts this kind or belong to benign. With Jin Dong incident looks, affirmation can promote the understanding with better business and protective environment. " the analyst expresses Yang Chunyan, conflict ability lets an enterprise take environmental respect seriously more, make the enterprise ignores this issue easily instead without conflict, so environmental protection organization and appear on the market the relation between the enterprise is benign still.

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