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Many paper mills often are in previously wet or the nightly sewage that steal a platoon, play with environmental protection branch case " cat and mice " game, hopeful of this kind of circumstance gets checking after. The paper mill after passing punish had " electronic dog " -- online monitoring of the appearance that monitor, whether does the sewage of eduction amount to mark, record clearly on appearance, should have only violate compasses the behavior that discharges liquid waste happens, can stay on appearance " stain " . On September 27, environment of business of papermaking of Nanning city waste paper pollutes special punish to pollute the spot that decrease a platoon to be able to be held in Bin Yang. The online record that monitor " stain " this is the classic that Nanning city pollutes special punish to act to environment of business of waste paper papermaking: Every carried the business that environmental protection bureau examines and approve, the exit that sewage discharges is little not this dutiful " electronic dog " . Well-known, papermaking industry is industry of a heavy pollution, liquid waste discharge capacity is large, contaminant concentration is high. "Electronic dog " in the waste water that technically a probe extends a platoon to be put " smell odour " , how much is discharging the liquid waste chroma that come out, digital hour appears and the record is on indication screen. Of course, add online the appearance that monitor is measure of a lot of punish only among them one of, special to pollution of environment of business of waste paper papermaking punish still includes to abandon water treatment content to change, to decoke of biochemical system, waste gas removes dust a series of content such as appearance of factory of look of system, factory and measure of environmental accident lash-up. On September 27 afternoon, the guest in relief Central Plains after passing punish, install benefit, treasures the spot of 3 paper mills, the reporter sees the waste water that comes from eduction of sewage draining exit is relatively clean, also do not hear rare delicacy. According to Bin Yang chief of bureau of prefectural environmental protection introduces, COD chroma is outside a when discharge papermaking liquid waste main index, the eduction chroma before punish is 500mg/L left and right sides, and the chroma of eduction is controlled for 60mg/L now, under 100mg/L of state specified standards. Air has a fish to be experienced to this index in pure and fresh river the deepest is river water. Inside the range that in Bin Yang the Sha He of prefectural churchyard restricts 12 kilometers one paragraph, bank of punish forward position has company of many 30 papermaking, concerned controller tells a reporter: "The sewage that enterprise eduction comes to resembles rice oar same, cloudy, nigrescent, have a stink, in collecting a river, appear one grows long print, change river water slowly next muddy. Come down a few years, the fish in the river death ray. The water quality that sampling monitors is bad ⅴ more (5) kind, masses report is strong. " another river Zhen swings a river same also, pollution is very serious. In by a definite date in repair process of a year, sha He is coastal course of company of many 30 papermaking falls into disuse, shut, after recombining, return remnant at present many 10 enterprise. "Will begin punish October last year, arouse besides conduct propaganda, still will apply cut off the high tension line, step that orders stop production compulsively to carrying out an enterprise March this year. Besides, environmental protection branch still coachs perfect blowdown establishment mixes the enterprise improve technology, make the company takes roundabout way less, do not spend injustice money. Began river water to clear from May, there is a fish in the river now, coastal air is a lot of fresher also " . Produce after can increasing competition to enhance paper mill punish, it is the environment that the mankind lives ameliorated not simply, the enterprise also got benefit. Industry of the paper that bring profit tells a reporter about chief yellow gentleman, new facilities facilities had firm demand to replenish onr's stock, management is increasingly normative also, product competition ability rises apparently. Additional, often masses is complained before, will rise to also was not received again April from this year complained. Introduce according to chief of bureau of Nanning city environmental protection, guest in relief county is the place that enterprise of waste paper papermaking centers, hold Nanning city the portion of 80% , the product has paper of bumf, red artillery piece, wrapping paper and tarred brown paper to wait. From the already of 118 look forward to before punish pass a barrier stops, rectify, recombine wait for means, existent produce the business that can exceed 10 thousand tons 42, always produce can exceed 500 thousand tons, before punish of far far serious offence 101 about 300 thousand tons yield can, realized dimensions of waste paper papermaking to change manage and environmental protection upgrades replacement. Current, the papermaking enterprise that accords with national industry policy and environmental protection requirement, devoted trial production has 39, produce 60% above increased before can comparing punish, blowdown flow rate reduced 80% above. Concerned chief says " paper mill of punish of Bin Yang county is seasoned, effect is apparent " .

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