Bureau of Shaanxi province environmental protection pollutes a problem to hang o
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On September 28, bureau of Shaanxi province environmental protection pollutes a problem to execute to 14 keys environment provincial hang out one's shingle supervise and direct. According to environmental protection of complete this year province 牞 of deploy of arrangement of program of special operation work begins to come from July 21 on August 4, bureau of province environmental protection was begun in the organization inside complete province limits greet Olympic Games environmental protection to examine an activity greatly, discover problem of of all kinds environment 86 cases, 26 what hold examination sum total. 7 % . Be in 86 cases in environmental problem, decision of office of group of special operation leader involves province environmental protection stop ban 10 the home, stop production to administer 13 the home, deadline to rectify and reform 63, carry out administration to fine to 35 at the same time, and the rectifies and reform a circumstance to label group of pair of concerned municipal government, industry, relevant section to fulfill case of environmental protection liability assessment content 14 environments problem.

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