Gansu Province is built hard energy-saving decrease mechanism of platoon leader
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Around " 915 " the assignment of the energy-saving goal that decrease a platoon during and year end assignment, the Gansu Province is controlled strictly " two tall " the admittance of the industry, enterprise of constituent a hunderd schools is energy-saving the action, increase a focal point the executive strength of energy-saving project, advance energy-saving technology progress ceaselessly, adopt comprehensive measure firm to catch fulfil, aggrandizement target responsibility is assessed, enact perfect policy measure, explore what the section can decrease mechanism of platoon leader effect to build hard. Be in solid in advancing process of the energy-saving job that decrease a platoon, gansu Province is outstanding those who had seized field of the energy-saving major project that decrease a platoon, key is energy-saving pilot, key pollutes economy of the development that decreases the platoon, energy-saving technology that decrease a platoon and promotion, loop 5 keys such as the superintendency of the source. To including a country " 1000 enterprises are energy-saving the action " 14 year of bad news can enterprise of key of above of coal of 180 thousand tons of standards, stare at closely severe catch, ensure the country that finish decomposes the energy-saving goal assignment of make known to lower levels, increase good year cost can the energy-saving job strength of 164 enterprises of above of coal of 10 thousand tons of standard. Strengthen building, traffic to carry in the round, orgnaization of civil, government mixes commerce the energy-saving job of the other sphere such as the country. To the end of this year, complete province builds building construction phase, the scale that implements energy-saving mandatory standard will strive to achieve 80 % above, key city should implement the energy-saving design standard of 65 % strictly. Gansu Province increases strength of industrial structural adjustment actively still, accelerate those who eliminate the trade such as cement, papermaking, starch is backward produce can, execute regular report and censorship. In the light of already built establishment of sewage treatment plant cannot full load moves, sewage disposal ability low, farmer on the way cut shedding sewage undertakes irrigating waiting for a circumstance, gansu Province adopts perfect sewage to collect a canal respectively about the branch net, transform the measure such as level of promotion sewage disposal, build and perfect total provincial capital to press down sewage disposal management information system, accelerate sewage disposal to commercialize, specialization operation pace. In the meantime, gansu Province produces whole society adequately energy-saving enthusiasm, increase investment of the energy-saving capital that decrease a platoon effectively, active exploration builds governmental guiding, enterprise to give priority to the mechanism of the energy-saving investment that decrease a platoon that participates in with whole society. Build perfect drive to restrain a mechanism, eliminate hard restrict energy-saving the system sex that decreases a platoon and mechanism sex barrier, apply the economic lever such as the price, taxation, finance, finance, stimulative energy conservation and environmental protection.

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