Changzhou city donates waste paper to already exceeded kiloton value 1.25 millio
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The reporter will learn from Changzhou round municipal Party committee on September 27, "Contribute give a piece of waste paper, consecratory a love " since beneficent commonweal activity is begun, mechanism is enterprise or business unit and broad citizen are participated in eagerly, up to now, waste paper donates a quantity to already amounted to 1000 tons, value 1.25 million yuan. Since this activity will be started this year in May oneself, 3158 love built in whole town contributory dot, opened 10 " love hot line " phone, built website of love special subject ( , this a series of act rose greatly witting degree, went to the lavatory the citizen is donated. Above of class of business of class above industry, SamSung serves whole town orgnaization of various Party and goverment officials, institution, finance, 4 stars estate company is to be the first eagerly more, the participation of activity of waste paper alms rate of rate, waste paper alms amounts to 100 % reporter to still understand, money of be apt to will be used at deliverance entirely children of congenital heart disease, round municipal Party committee will choose period develops this activity. (Gong Qing Xuan Gu Shenggeng)

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