Pollution of mill of paper of Liaoning both parties in a law suit is shut badly
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Liaoning saves two papermaking to the enterprise was given orders to be shut thoroughly by bureau of province environmental protection recently and implement penalty of high specified number. These two rich that are located in a stage to install a county send papermaking of papermaking He Derui, be in early this year in April already by make known to lower levels of environmental protection bureau stop production rectifies an announcement. Falling without permissive circumstance, two factories privately resumes production, cause serious pollution to local river. According to local dweller report, this two factories often avoid an examination in nightly production. Be aimed at above circumstance, environmental protection confine these two enterprises at be being shut thoroughly before September 30, cut off the water supply, cut off the power, revoke business charter, remove main equipment, implement penalty of high specified number at the same time. Outside installing a county to reduce an item except circular economy and pollution to the stage uniform stop to examine and approve, after all construction project needs to check and accept qualification via saving environmental protection bureau, just can delete be restricted to approve. Will find out a stage to bring liability of the county and the oversight of concerned branch, behavior that break a canal. (reporter Europe Yang Shunan)

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