Will have in Harbin papermaking enterprise " new home "
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Collect is energy-saving decrease platoon, environmental protection and renewable resources to use the new-style industrialization that is an organic whole integratedly to build a project -- , garden of industry of zoology of paper of northeast second birth is in after passing national project approving, arrange a ceremony at holding a project to start a lot yesterday. This project is located in developing zone of economy of A the city zone, first phase covers an area of an area to be 1 million square metre, invest 500 million yuan, produce per year can 600 thousand tons, built before the end of the year 2010. As we have learned, this project plans to always cover an area of a face to accumulate 1.6 million square metre, always invest 1.89 billion yuan, the project builds entirely amount to postpartum, second birth paper produces per year a quantity to be 1.6 million tons. The product divides kinds big: Culture pressworks to be used with paper, newspaper, life paper, board paper, industrial paper, year all sales revenue 890 million yuan. According to introducing, this industry garden after first phase project is finishing, industry of Harbin city papermaking will enter garden development entirely stage by stage, after the project is all and finishing, will become raw material of paper of northeast area second birth to adjust the market and second birth paper and chipboard to regulate the market. A sewage treatment plant will be built inside garden area, enterprise of the papermaking that enter garden can realize contaminant 0 discharge, can reduce main contaminant COD every year to discharge 7200 tons, decrease a 2 oxidation sulfur 7200 tons, carbon dioxide 157 thousand tons.

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