Countrywide chemical oxygen demand discharges gross to drop first half of the ye
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Hair of bureau of statistic of environmental protection ministry, country, country changes appoint 24 days are announced each province, municipality, municipality directly under the Central Government is main first half of the year 2008 contaminant gross decreases a circumstance. Among them, countrywide chemical oxygen demand discharges gross first half of the year 6.742 million tons, with photograph of the corresponding period was compared 2007 drop 2.48% ; 2 oxidation sulfur discharges gross twelve million one hundred and thirty-three thousand tons, with photograph of the corresponding period was compared 2007 drop 3.96% . Look from measure of the main project that decrease a platoon, 1 to June, the whole nation has aircrew of to decoke of coal fired of 40.6 million kilowatt to build go into operation, eliminate installed capacity of unit of small fire cable 8.36 million kilowatt; Increase capacity of urban sewage disposal newly 6.78 million tons / day, the high cost such as steely, cement, cooking and papermaking, alcohol, gourmet powder can be high discharge trade structural adjustment to gain headway. In addition, via checking, sewage treatment plant of Xin Ban of laborious of city of Huhhot of sewage treatment plant of city of bridge of Shanxi province Lv, Nei Monggol Autonomous Region and sewage treatment plant of princess government office, Jiangsu saves Su Qian sewage treatment plant of north of city Si in relief city, Hunan Province Yue Yang city faces Hunan the part such as project of principal part of sewage purification center and net of canal of form a complete set, or be in small negative charge for a long time to move, or without reason runs a water to exceed bid out of order, or mud has no effect processing to deal with. Taiyuan of company of group of cable of state of heat and power plant of Baoding of round company of Chinese big Tang Ji, China the first heat and power plant, Nei Monggol Autonomous Region Wulanchabu company of group of cable of city Hua Ning power plant, China China Qiqihaer. The basis concerns a provision, decision of environmental protection department gives to afore-mentioned cities, enterprise open bulletin, instruct rectify and reform at be being finished before the end of the year this year, and by seat branch of provincial environmental protection makes progress to report of environmental protection department circumstance. Reach the designated position to be not being rectified and reform or exceed the time limit is half-baked rectify and reform the task, the construction project annulus that examines and approve time-out concerned city to add chemical oxygen demand newly to discharge is judged; Concerned branch basis concerns a provision, the desulphurization report cost that deducts concerned power plant accordingly and blowdown of 2 oxidation sulfur expends sum pursue and wipe out. 24 days, environmental protection ministry still asks to deepen system of business environment supervisor pilot job, environmental protection department says to want to continue to expand, deepen system of business environment supervisor pilot job, strive for business of pollution of national emphasis monitoring is main 2010 system of supervisor of environment of try out business, conditional area can enlarge pilot limits provincial or monitoring of city class key pollutes a business.

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