Industry of nine dragon paper year earn 1.88 billion to fall 6.3%
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Financial crisis sweeps across the whole world, affect round-the-world economy, ever loved for many investor industry of Jiu Long paper (02689) announce yesterday up to outstanding achievement of the annual end this year June, net profit goes backwards 6.3% , to appear on the market hind first gain goes backwards. Zhang Yin of this group president expresses, consider at present economic environment worsens continuously, the group already was adjusted originally enlarge produces a plan, the capital spending 09 financial year by 3 billion yuan cut reach 2.2 billion yuan (RMB, similarly hereinafter) , and will all buy defer to come 2010.

Group net profit 1.88 billion yuan, every gain 0.44 yuan, clique evening ceases 3.5 minutes (be equivalent to 3.98 harbor celestial being) , end date of change the name of owner in a register by will come 27 days on November 21 this year.

Zhang Yin expresses, get raw material price at on half money year fluctuate continuously an influence, your group at period the wool interest rate inside drops even more 5 percent come 20.4% , follow nevertheless raw material price is at present marked already fall after a rise, among them wooden paddle price already fell by 5600 yuan every tons of the height reach every tons 4800 yuan, and coal price also lasts fall after a rise, add the factory of many inland to had been managed hard, whole industry will undertake conformity, zhang Yin hopes, the group can strive for reasonable profit at future below this environment.

Although face this hundred years finance seismic sea wave that encounters, but ever was outback daughter head rich Zhang Yin thinks, here economic environment falls, the heaviest if hold hope, believe a group hereat the environment still can maintain fast growth. Face the circumstance with global constrictive credit to fall, the group already was moved low 9 years capital spending comes 2.2 billion yuan, maintained 2.3 billion yuan 2010, besides an item that carries Tianjin, other all outspread projects will defer comes after 2010. Up to by June, the cash of the group is 2 billion yuan, but indebted rate is as high as 95% , the group carries out trustee to hold Zhang Yuanfu of presiding and financial chief inspector concurrently to point to, the group already planned to will begin to raise bank loan no longer on October 1, will repay ahead of schedule the 1 billion bank to 1.5 billion yuan is leasehold, look forward to is indebted rate falls to 90% the following.

Zhang Yin points to, the group already finished 2.4 million tons of new increase production to be able to plan at present, along with next year is produced 800 thousand tons of the put into production end June can, always produce 9 years at the appointed time can will achieve 8.7 million tons. And future, the group will go according to the market situation, lv of unified exam of the ability when waiting for economy to anabiosis buys dilate.

After paper industry appears on the market, Jiu Long is recorded so that gain goes backwards first, this drop at most 20% reach 1.76 yuan, full day still drops 19.545% , receive a reply 1.77 yuan, full day clinchs a deal even more 62 million yuan, achieve after appearing on the market dish in reach receive city new low. As to industry of one numerous paper also escape hard to drop yesterday, manage article papermaking (02314) drop 11.4% newspapers 3.03 yuan, galaxy paper industry (03868) drop 10.5% newspapers 1.88 yuan, as to sunshine paper industry (02002) also drop 5.46% newspapers 2.08 yuan.
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