Heng Anrong breasts " partner of Chinese spaceflight career "
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Recently, fujian constant installs a group to be granted honorary title of ” of partner of career of “ China spaceflight by Chinese spaceflight foundation, photograph of heart of the “ below Heng Anqi imprints product of series of ” of ” , “ An Erkang is appointed to be “ China spaceflight boat of god of China of special product ” , “ is special product ” .

It is reported, ” of partner of career of “ China spaceflight is enterprise and the superlative degree of Chinese spaceflight career other collaboration form, its product, technology, service is enjoyed the only inside the domain is belonged to to be able to use spaceflight of China of ” of partner of career of “ China spaceflight, “ in place the relevant rights and interests that special product ” marks. Chinese spaceflight foundation is having to partner of Chinese spaceflight career select standard and program strictly, ask selected enterprise has advanced technology, its product has good quality, the industry that belongs to in place is on lead position. As home things of the biggest sanitation of women and children and domesticity use paper to produce a business, heng An held year of sales revenue for years of 30% above increase rate continuously, photograph of heart of ” of “ An Erle, “ imprints market of product of well-known brand of these two China has ” rate is successive and old rank the whole nation the first.

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