Industry of nine dragon paper too storehouse the step on company cleanness produ
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Industry of nine dragon paper (too storehouse) limited company company abides by safety of “ cleanness production, safeguard, abide by strictly abide by the law compasses, improve continuously, the policy of environmental protection government of ” of zoology paper industry, contemporary Jiu Long, active and active cooperate environmental protection branch to catch very clean production, advance pollution to decrease a platoon, the development of stimulative industry economy.

In pollution the practice that decrease a platoon works in, be willing to part with or use of nine dragon company invests capital, improve technological process, begin clean production. They installed Bai Shui to reclaim to all paper machine system, bai Shui reclaims rate achieve 100% ; In the meantime, plant according to different class paper the requirement that manufactures technology, liquid waste of will high-grade paper answers the manufacturing process that uses relatively cheap paper. Return liquid waste of sewage disposal terminal use papermaking to produce process, afforest process, toilet to rinse process, ground to rinse a process to wait a moment, apply mechanically of water of industry of utmost ground implementation and time with, dosage of effectively managing and fresh water. In the meantime, stand in useless water treatment, introduced the Holand handkerchief with top-ranking international to overcome biology to handle a technology, use efficient IC reactor and A/O technology. “ 3 at the same time ” checks and accept a result to make clear, treat target all the requirement that excel annulus criticizes give an official, COD, BOD, SS is less than respectively 80, 10 with 50mg/l, cut down COD gross in those days 326.4 tons.

In process of useless water treatment, use the Holand handkerchief with advanced international to overcome the patent technology of biology sewage disposal, the pellet of oxygen of be disgusted with that handle is microbial the papermaking liquid waste that goes be being spent besides Gao Nong, and in this process lieutenant general organic contaminant is changed directly for can the firedamp of recycle, safeguarded environmental sanitation already, also but managing mark coal 50 tons / day.

Company production executes resource to reclaim use. It is raw material with waste paper according to the company, do not use up the characteristic of domestic forest natural resources, built 3 waste paper to handle a line, the paper in waste paper, will plastic, metal undertake group screening, valuable resource the biggest change reclaim recycle, to boosting environmental protection, raise economic benefits to having positive stimulative effect.

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