Papermaking of Fu Yi spy and Nanjing forestry university are reached aid learn a
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The project of papermaking industry system with banner whole world and equipment supplier Fu Yi are special the agreement that papermaking reached concerned school look forward to to cooperate with Nanjing forestry university a few days ago. This indicates the partner concern of a both sides develops the new level that enters milepost type not only, also witnessed papermaking of Fu Yi spy to devote oneself to the development of Chinese papermaking career at the same time, breed papermaking place of outstanding talent field made positive contribution.

A of bilateral collaboration main content is, papermaking of Fu Yi spy is Nanjing forestry university every year to make oar papermaking foundation offer scholarship, taste the university entrance exam that learns to hold actor concurrently with attract and be being aided financially this year's unripe enter major of project of the papermaking that make a starch to learn, award is in school is outstanding student and outstanding teacher, improvement makes installation of the education of oar papermaking course, scientific research, aid financially those who be helpful for course development all sorts of projects. In addition, papermaking of Fu Yi spy still will send an expert to discourse on an academic subject to Nanjing forestry university regularly, begin academic communication with respect to papermaking technology; Offer the opportunity that summer vacation time of base of hill of elder brother of papermaking of Fu Yi spy carries out for talent of outstanding course of the papermaking that make a starch at the same time, let them in “ modernization of contact of 0 distances ” makes oar papermaking technology while, teach them how to offer all sorts of papermaking solutions for the client. Nanjing forestry university held water 1902, it is national emphasis universities and colleges. Among them, course of project of the papermaking that make a starch is dedicated to carrying senior professional for papermaking industry all the time. A lot of outstanding employee of Fuyite are graduated from this university.

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