East Asia will be held in Lanzhou the Fourth International Symposium on Protec
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November 29, the reporter learned from the Gansu Provincial Museum, protection of the Fourth International Conference on East Asia, the paper will be on December 6 was held in the museum. Then, from Japan, South Korea, North Korea and other countries and provinces in China experts and scholars will gather nearly 200 Jincheng, which is in East Asia following the First International Symposium on Protection of the paper after the second was held in China. It is understood that the upcoming "Paper Road" - protection of the Fourth International Conference on East Asia, the paper by the UNESCO representative office in China, the Chinese Cultural Heritage Research Institute, Gansu Provincial Museum, Gansu Cultural Relics and Archaeology sponsored by the Institute. The theme of this session, "the paper study and conservation of the Silk Road" and "technology to protect and pass on traditional paper." According to Dr. Li Tianming Provincial Museum Research Department introduced this session to invite domestic and foreign experts and scholars, who will protect the heritage of paper making and paper tradition in the discussions at this seminar. It is also held in Gansu Province in recent years, the scale of the highest professional field at a seminar. Li Tianming said, "We will be meeting the study of ancient paper by analyzing the composition of the ancient characteristics of the paper to work out how to make the ancient with the modern technology of paper, paper for the restoration and protection of ancient cultural relics." This reporter learned that, during the meeting, the Provincial Museum special exhibition room will be specially organized the "Silk Road cultural relics unearthed in the paper show." It is reported, the provincial museum will also present seminars on the use of Chinese, English, Japanese, Korean way simultaneous interpretation in four languages, in order to discuss the exchange of national experts to better provide more convenient conditions.