Moisture-proof packaging materials paper-based Great Water Analysis
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Moisture-proof packaging material is not difficult through the water vapor through or packaging materials. Moisture-proof packaging materials commonly used wood and paper, plastic, metal, glass, ceramics and so on. Moisture-proof packaging material Xiu addition to the function of conventional packaging materials, the moisture-proof packaging in the special requirements for moisture penetration is smaller. The smaller the moisture vapor permeability of materials, moisture resistant, the better. Used paper packaging materials is moisture proof cellophane, wax paper, PVC processing paper, bitumen paper, polyethylene processing of paper, plastic composite moisture-proof paper, corrugated board and other moisture. A variety of moisture in the media is generally not bleached kraft chemical pulp or paper materials add another variety with a moisture-proof surface coating made of chemicals, such as carbon amide resins, latex, polyamide resins and asphalt, paraffin, the functional characteristics of moisture-proof paper, Mei environmental performance is greatly affected by moisture drugs. Moisture-proof bag paper packaging granular products used in the manufacture of inorganic fertilizer, the daily discharge of waste and high humidity conditions of transport and other paper goods. Moisture-proof packaging role is to wet the packing material high resistance to slow or block external moisture into the package or both the rate of penetration into the package with a desiccant absorbs the moisture, keep the water content of goods and achieved a certain shelf. At the moment, moisture-proof packaging with high resistance moisture wet paper packaging or plastic film packaging moisture-proof packaging can be achieved certain requirements, but the high moisture extruded food packaging requirements, or other luxury goods enclosed desiccant needed to ensure the flavor of food or brittleness and other quality requirements. First, the green moisture-proof paper-based packaging materials Green moisture-proof paper-based materials used in production process mainly involves the choice of fiber raw materials, mainly the addition of chemical additives regeneration process and target product recycling processes and other issues. Here the use qualities of a coniferous pulp and waste paper pulp KP mixer copy proof paper timber manufacturing green technology. This process will be a certain amount of waste paper pulp and wood pulp mixed with copy, save timber resources on the one hand, on the other hand make full use of the recycling of waste paper, to reduce resource consumption and energy cost savings. Adding chemical additives to enhance the media dry and wet strength. The PPE resin is added to an environmentally friendly, efficient wet strength additives, in addition to high humidity has a good effect, but also with the more obvious role in increasing dry strength. Target products produced by breaking length indicators have reached more than 6000m, wet to dry strength ratio of 48%. In addition, the regeneration Huishou products, this process obtained by the water resistance of high strength wrapping paper in the oven at 150 ℃ for full maturation, you can use the right amount of hypochlorite bleach solution, at 30 ℃ ~ 50 ℃ soaked 10min ~ 30min, and then ease slightly by ease machine immediately after slurry, the process easy to operate, simple, paper- making process to reduce the load on the environment and the waste of resources. Therefore, production using this technology is just a good environment for moisture coordinated wrapping paper production process. Second, anti-wave corrugated board Corrugated board is the most widely used in the packaging of a cardboard, especially for packaging, can be used in place of wooden boxes and metal boxes. Corrugated board is made of corrugated paper processing. First, the base paper processed into corrugated shape, then use adhesive glue from both sides of the surface up into the hollow middle of the board structure, this is a high strength corrugated board, his stiffness, hardness, pressure, burst, ductility of high performance board than usual, but also by its relatively strong cardboard boxes made more conducive to protection of the packaged products. Moisture resistance of corrugated board is at a temperature of 130 ℃ ~ 180 ℃, using paraffin liquid atomization. Duty in the anti-surge in the quality of paraffin wax composition of 30% to 45%, this corrugated board performance with a high moisture resistance, and its strength than not impregnated cardboard greatly increased. In recent years, the development of synthetic resin, producing a Gaisu corrugated board, corrugated board can overcome some shortcomings of the original. It is resistant to moisture, rain, strength advantages, and sources of material wealth, more and more widely. Gaisu corrugated is a calcification increases the plastic filler paper. It is a plastic packaging materials, packaging materials, not paper, corrugated paper for comparison with the leather, it is commonly called cardboard.