Golden city papermaking: Paper industry high speed grows forest paper nation gro
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Papermaking course of study is in our country is the industry that a high speed grows. The last few years, our country paper and chipboard crop, consumption keeps annual all the time the rate that 8 % influence rises. A report of world bank points out, the consumption of average per capita of our country paper and chipboard is the half of world average level only at present, predict to be in in the near future, industry of our country papermaking increases rate will still the growth rate of prep above GDP. "Forest paper is united in wedlock " executive phase is entered below national policy support, a batch of papermaking companies that have Lin Ji land will become the main force of Chinese paper industry, the actor bad become divided of domestic company will be quickened from now on, of Chinese paper industry " national group " the battle array will come down very quickly certainly, share of city of gold of enterprise of bibcock of this pair of industries is advantageous, can bring certain a favourable turn to papermaking course of study. Jin Cheng joint-stock company obtains about 18 million square metre flood land land is earthy and fecund, extremely appropriate cultivate papermaking forest, can serve as a company " 700 thousand mus fast give birth to project of base of high yield forest " construction uses the land, be helpful for a company enlarging scale of production, promote the competition of the company capability.

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