200 million dollars cast sun paper industry to Laos
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Sun paper industry (002078) now announcement, company board of directors is discussed through " build about investing in Laos " forest oar paper unifinication " of the project second reading " , plan to create the solely invested company that registers capital to be one hundred and ninety-seven million one hundred and seventy thousand dollar in Laos, be engaged in forest production of oar paper unifinication and sale, contributive and all prepare oneself by the company. This invests a project to include to build pulp forest in Laos external base mixes 300 thousand tons / year blanch hardwood pulp factory two parts. It is in Laos Sha Wan takes auspicious province and circumjacent area to build 30 thousand hectare self-supporting set an example forest, establish corresponding orgnaization to undertake administrative, last in order to assure balanced for market price of lumber of material, adjusting control case; Build common people of 70 thousand hectare at the same time cooperative forest base, by forest (farming) owner is managed independently, the price that cultivated forest sets according to long-term supply agreement is first supply this project. 2 be in Laos Sha Wan takes auspicious to save color to go straight towards a county to build 300 thousand tons / year blanch hardwood pulp factory. The project still includes to build heat and power plant of a form a complete set, need the sources of energy and power supply in order to guarantee project construction and manufacturing place. Laos and Chinese Yunnan save border on, have more abundant labour force resource, churchyard mineral products, hydraulic, forest is resourceful. Old bilateral trading business volume amounts to 249 million dollar in last year. Color goes straight towards project seat the county is located in Laos south, harbor of distance Vietnam Xian 280 kilometers, traffic is carried more convenient. Look from international wood pulp and paper products market, the consumptive demand of paper products still is in constant growth, wood pulp price maintains what have basic side relative to perch to prop up, sun paper industry can rise company raw material through this project self-sufficient rate, reduce the risk that entrance raw material rises in price. Final project whether carry out still need China and Laos government to relevant section is approved or put on record.

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