Paper of wood pulp of peaceful in September wave reachs paper products imports a
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2008 1 to peaceful September wave each haven wood pulp, paper and amount of accumulative total of paper products imports and exports add up to one billion one hundred and ninety-nine million three hundred and thirty thousand dollar, with grew 32.2% than the corresponding period last year. Among them, 2008 1 come to will export accumulative total amount to amount to six hundred and eight million seven hundred and seventy thousand dollar in September, amount of import accumulative total amounts to five hundred and ninety million five hundred and seventy thousand dollar, than last year the corresponding period grows respectively 28.9% with 35.8 % . In August 2008 portion, peaceful wave wood pulp, paper and amount of paper products imports and exports are total one hundred and twenty million five hundred and ninety thousand dollar, export amount plan among them 74.69 million dollar, import amount plan 45.9 million dollar.

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